God’s Daughter Glossary

This page is the one-stop area for all the Old Norse and unfamiliar words you’ve read in God’s Daughter.
You probably want to look up the pronunciations online, since I’m not entirely sure on all of them…I tend to apply a German accent to everything!

Glossary for GOD’S DAUGHTER:

Althing: Viking assemblies freemen could attend and discuss/settle legal issues. “The Althingi is the oldest extant parliamentary institution in the world” (Wikipedia), still in use in Iceland.

Berserker: Norse warriors who fought in an uncontrollable fury, allegedly wearing bear skins or wolf skins. The sagas record many of their incredible feats, such as biting shields and being fireproof. 

Bjorr: Strong alcoholic drink made from fruit

Blaudur: Soft, weak, and womanly (as described in The Far-Traveler by Nancy Marie Brown, p 74)

Disir: Ruthless female spirits

Eitr: Poison

Far: Literally: father

Forest Child: Illegitimate child

Friggjarrokkr: Constellation named after the distaff of Freya–known today as Orion’s belt

Gottesdottir: Literally: God’s Daughter

Hellir: Literally: cave

Hol: Literally: hole; hollow

Ja: Literally: yes

Knarr: Wider, deeper Viking ship used for sea voyages/trading

Modi: Literally: mother

Noaidi: Sami (Lapland) shamans

Seax: Long Viking man’s fighting knife

Skorungur: Woman who stirs up the fire. Compliment meaning brave-hearted, high-spirited, a survivor (as described in The Far-Traveler by Nancy Marie Brown, p 77)

Skraelings: Word the Vikings used for indigenous peoples from Greenland and the New World

Thralls: Literally: an unfree servant (slave)

Valkyrie: Legendary women who bring the dead to Valhalla

Volva: Viking pagan seeress or holy woman

Yggdrasil: World-tree central in Norse mythology

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