God’s Daughter Family Tree

I’ve worked up a little visual on Gudrid’s family. Hoping this helps you keep the relationships clear as you read God’s Daughter!

Gudrid’s Family Tree:

Father: Thorbjorn Vifilsson

Mother: Hallveig (died)

Foster Father: Orm

Foster Mother: Halldis (volva)

First Husband–Thorir the Eastman (died of illness)

Second Husband–Thorstein (red-haired son of Eirik the Red and Thjodhild, died of illness in upper Greenland)

Third Husband–Thorfinn Karlsefni (Gudrid’s sailor/trader husband in this novel)


Gudrid’s In-Laws at Brattahlid (from her second husband Thorstein):

Father in Law–Eirik the Red

Mother in Law–Thjodhild (pronounced “chud-ild”)

Brother in Law–Thorvald (brunette son of Eirik and Thjodhild, died in New World)

Sister in Law–Stena (wife of Thorvald–reindeer herder)

Brother in Law–Leif (blond son of Eirik and Thjodhild, inherited Brattahlid farm)

Sister in Law–Gunna (wife of Leif)

Sister in Law–Freydis (illegitimate daughter of Eirik)

Brother in Law–Ref (Freydis’ husband)


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