That Time I Stayed up Too Late and Waxed Poetic about Flowers

So here it is, early in the morn, day after the time change. Obviously I haven’t adjusted. I thought I’d check in with you all and share some pictures of flowers. I know you’re asking yourself, Why would she do this? It’s so random. 

I actually really enjoy flower gardening, believe it or not. I’ve spent many a happy hour digging in dirt and throwing around mulch with my sister-in-law (are you reading this, K!?) and family. Let me tell you, there is nothing like the smell of some rich mulch. Anyway, as this winter finally seems to be winding to a close (snow is still melting around here, but the weather is warmer), I wanted to share some pictures of some of my favorite flowers over the years. These are flowers I’ve grown, often bulbs I’ve been given. Perennials are the gift that keeps giving. And today I just wanted to share some of that bright-colored joy with you!

bleeding heart
Bleeding Heart I loved watching come out every spring at our old house in VA


Peony from my Mother-in-law we transplanted



tulip circle
Tulip bed at our old house


tulip orange
Close up Tulip


yellow iris
Irises we thought were dead when we planted them, but they came up beautifully


Sunflowers we grew this past summer–oops not a perennial but still fun!



wedding hydrangea
One of my fave flowers…my husband’s and my feet, standing by a hydrangea that was in our wedding. This would’ve been around our 15th anniversary. Can’t believe it has stayed alive so long.

Here’s hoping spring comes before long! How about you…what is your favorite flower? Do you like flower gardening?

6 thoughts on “That Time I Stayed up Too Late and Waxed Poetic about Flowers

  1. i DO love flower gardening and long for space that is my own [I’m renting] to have a “hay” day!!! I’ll post some pics of some yard things I done in the past, was pretty pleased with mine-self!!!
    oh! and my favorite flower of all time is purple iris!!!

    1. Ah! Yes! I love those purple irises–especially the deeeep purple ones. Also I love those dark purple tulips that look almost black! Would love to see your pics and hope you’re able to plant something where you’re renting…even planting in pots or hanging baskets is fun!

  2. These are glorious! I’m a sucker for blulbs, only because of the time of year that they come up… right after winter. Also, it’s not a traditional flower but orange blossoms. They are in bloom in the warmer months here in CA and driving through the groves on a summer evening… wow… one of my favorite smells in the whole world. 🙂

  3. I’m jealous of your peony flower! I’ve never been able to get mine to bloom at all at our home in SE Virginia. I think they are in too shady a spot. We used to have glorious bleeding hearts that sprung up every spring and got ever bigger, but when we re-did the landscaping and tried to transplant them, they died. Your photo reminds me I should buy some more.

    1. This bed was slightly shaded but it did get some sunlight in the mornings, so I think that worked for both the bleeding heart and that peony. Hope you can find a new bleeding heart that will grow well! I was amazed how hardy this one was.

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