Two-Fer Giveaway–2 God’s Daughter Audiobooks and 2 E-copies of Miranda Warning

I’ve enjoyed all the author interviews and giveaways we’ve been doing here on the blog, but I figured it was high time I gave away something of my own!

ACX cover-BH logo
God’s Daughter Audiobook
Miranda Warning Ebook

So here’s what I’m giving away:  I will pick 4 winners (hopefully we’ll have enough entrants–if not, I’ll just give away the winner’s choice). 2 will win an free audiobook code for the God’s Daughter audiobook (9 1/2  hours). 2 will win an e-copy (Kindle, Nook, or Kobo) of Miranda Warning.

All you need to do is COMMENT and tell me which you would like to win, and why: God’s Daughter audiobook (Viking historical) or Miranda Warning ebook (contemporary Appalachian mystery) (Click to Tweet!).

Also, just an update in case you don’t follow my Facebook author page here…my publishing plans have changed somewhat, in that I’m focusing on hopefully writing/publishing two more mysteries in 2015. Then I hope to take the time I need to focus on the next historical (Forest Child).

Most of all, I want to say a huge THANK YOU to you readers who constantly support me and let me know you enjoy what I’m writing. Authors face all kinds of lows, and those kind words and reviews from readers can pull us up on many a dismal day.

Comment away! And please share with your friends! Will announce the winners October 6th!

13 thoughts on “Two-Fer Giveaway–2 God’s Daughter Audiobooks and 2 E-copies of Miranda Warning

  1. Now that is a tough choice, both sound enticing… Since I do take an e-book everywhere with me it is easier than listening because I’m always having to pause for conversations… I would pick the Miranda Warning. Although Viking historical is one I really enjoy 🙂 I would take either!

  2. Hi Heather! Thanks for running such an awesome giveaway and the chance win one of your fabulous novels – in one form or another! Since I have both books on my Kindle I would want an audio book of God’s Daughter if I win.
    Question in regards to your announcement above about your publishing plans: Does this mean Forest Child is the sequel to GD so we won’t get that until at least 2016, but the two mysteries planned for 2015 are the sequels to MW?
    Thanks again!

    1. Kristen–thanks so much! Yes, that means next year will be 2 mysteries (hopefully!) and then 2016 I will have more time to devote to getting Forest Child out to readers. It just takes longer to WRITE my historicals and check them for accuracy, word choice, etc. So the mysteries will hopefully be faster/easier to get out to you all in the meantime! Thanks for entering and have you down for audiobook code!

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