Jupiter Winds Winner and a Video Interview with Alton Gansky

Just chose the winner of Jupiter Winds and it was Alyssa Washburn! Congrats, Alyssa! And thank you all for entering and a big thanks to CJ Darlington for visiting my blog!

I know most of you follow my Facebook author page here, but if not, here’s a Writers’ Talk interview I enjoyed doing with Alton Gansky. Alton is the director of the Blue Ridge Mountain Christian Writers’ Conference, and he’s been in the writing biz a while. Please ignore those first seconds of this vlog when I looked like I was sleepy–no clue what was going on! It was my first filmed Skype conversation and I wasn’t quite sure where I needed to look and talk. But hopefully you will take something away from it…I had SO much I wanted to share about being an indie author, and I’m not sure I got any of that across…but you might enjoy seeing why I chose to self-publish God’s Daughter and Miranda Warning. 


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