Jupiter Winds Review by My Daughter

I wasn’t the only one impressed with CJ Darlington’s YA Sci-Fi novel, Jupiter Winds. CJ will be visiting my blog in a couple weeks, but in the meantime here’s my 12-year-old daughter’s review of her novel:

jupiter winds
Jupiter Winds by CJ Darlington

Jupiter Winds Review by “Midna”

To start, wow–I have a lot to cover.

Jupiter Winds is so amazing on so many levels it’s excruciatingly hard to describe. From the start the book pulls you into the vast world of Grey Alexander and her sister Orinda as they struggle to survive together under the radar of the brutal Mazdaar forces. It seems that all is going alright when Grey finds out that her neighbor, Mrs. March, whom she has know ever since she was a child, has a lot more secrets than it appears. Before she can understand more, she is taken prisoner by an evil woman named General Evangeline Yurkutz of the Mazdaar military. Meanwhile, Orinda, otherwise known as Rin, is still trying to understand what is going on. Amidst her grief of Grey’s uncertain future, Rin is unexpectedly visited by Mrs. March, who tells her many things she’s not sure whether to believe or question.

With characters so lovable you’ll be swept off your feet, C. J. Darlington crafts a classic tale full of action and adventure. Journey through space and prepare to be amazed because you are most assuredly going to be surprised by what wonders you find hidden in the pages of one book. You’ll be awed and astonished by how much work it took to produce such a wonderful book–I know I was!

Through demonstrations of love, faith, and the wonders of our eternal Creator, Jupiter Winds takes you well…to Jupiter and back! All in all, this book gets a one-hundred-twenty satisfactory percent, so be sure to invest your time in a book well worth it.

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