Miranda Warning Going FREE for Kindle–3 Days Only!

MIRANDA WARNING Free for Kindle 7/12-7/14/2014

I recently heard of #digitalbookday, an event in which authors the world over are offering their books for free, and on a total whim, I decided to participate! The actual event day is 7/14/2014.

This means Miranda Warning will be FREE for Kindle today (Saturday, July 12) through Monday, July 14th. The link for Miranda Warning is hereThe link to all the books at #digitalbookday is here (please note, there are some erotica covers on this page), and it’s not live until Monday,  7/14/14.

What an opportunity for authors to share their books with readers! Yes, it’s a calculated risk…many will load our books who really don’t prefer our genre/writing style. And YET. Many readers will find new authors to love, and that’s what I count on. I’m ready for some bad reviews this time around, but I’m also very hopeful new readers will discover Tess Spencer and be eager to read the second book in the Murder in the Mountains series when it releases.

I’d love it if you’d share this freebie with any and everyone you think would enjoy it, and if you haven’t loaded it up, please do! Here are a couple tweets for you to share:

#Free for Kindle thru 7/14 only: #MirandaWarning #Appalachian #Mystery! http://amzn.to/1izVC1M

#FREE Kindle #Mystery: Miranda Warning–now thru 7/14 only! http://amzn.to/1izVC1M #psychological

The price will return to $3.99 after the freebie. I hope you all enjoy and I’d love it if you’d leave an Amazon review if you like this mystery! I assure you authors take much encouragement from thoughtful reviews!


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