On Going Recluse…

I know that’s a weird status right after a book launch…and don’t fear, I’m not talking about a BROWN recluse spider! But I’ve learned a few things during this launch. One is this: I have to get serious about writing my next book and stop focusing on marketing.

gibson girl
One of the Gibson Girls studiously writing…

This is hard for me, because I like interacting with people, guest posting, giving away books, and the like. However, I know some of you are now waiting for book two in either the Vikings of the New World Saga or the Murder in the Mountains series. And that’s more important than marketing, which I’m hoping won’t need to be such a massive effort on my part as word of mouth gets out on these books.

So! I’m reclusing it the rest of this summer, and possibly into the fall. I have some great guest posts going up on Mondays here, and I’ll be visiting blogs/doing giveaways of Miranda Warning, but I’ll probably link to those through my Pinterest board here or my Facebook Author page here. You know you can always contact me via my contact form here, and I’ll be reading Amazon/Goodreads reviews as I write my next books…please be sure and leave a review as to which characters you liked in Miranda Warning!

And I’d love your reader pictures with Miranda Warning! Whether E-books or softcovers, just send your pics to me at heatherdaygilbert (at) gmail (dot) com and I’ll post to my Pinterest board and Facebook Author wall! Creative pics welcome!

As for the near future, I’ll be here:

June 23 (today) —Guest posting on Author Tina Forkner‘s blog here.

June 27–Author Janet Sketchley interviews Nikki Jo of Miranda Warning hereYou know I love me some Nikki Jo Spencer.

June 30–Author Janet Sketchley‘s review of Miranda Warning here 

And don’t forget–the Goodreads giveaway of Miranda Warning is going on until July 7th here!

Thank you all for all your efforts to get the word out for Miranda Warning launch! Another thing I realized is that I don’t want to do a specific launch day anymore…maybe just a launch MONTH so I can tell you ASAP when the books go live!

Here’s looking at a social media recluse writing fest…I’ll update you all as soon as another book is coming down the pike!


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