Interview and Giveaway with Amber Lynn Perry, Author of So Fair a Lady

Author Amber Lynn Perry

Today, I’m thrilled to have one of my sweet author friends, Amber Lynn Perry, visit. First of all I’d like to say that I love Amber’s boots in the picture above (sorry, had to interject that comment). Amber writes romance set in Colonial times and is getting great reviews on her debut novel, So Fair a Lady. Let me show you the GORGEOUS cover:

So Fair a Lady, Book 1 in the Daughters of His Kingdom Series

I’m just basically blown away by that cover. Such pretty colors, everything in balance.

So now, on to our interview! AND one lucky commenter will win their choice of e-book or softcover copy of So Fair a Lady (Click to Tweet)! So please comment and share on twitter or Pinterest! Will draw a winner next Monday.

On to our chat with Amber!

Interview with Amber Lynn Perry, Author of So Fair a Lady

HG: Hi, Amber, so nice to have you visit today! I love your website. You say you only recently began writing books. How long has your journey to publication taken? Any twists and turns you’d like to share?

AP: Heather, it’s truly an honor to be here, thank you so much! My journey actually started in junior high. During that time I developed a strong obsession for the American Revolution and I “had this great idea for a book”! LOL I even drafted some scenes into my college-ruled notebook while lounging in my purple beanbag chair, and told my mom that one day my story would be published. But my great idea was quickly canned when I found out just how hard writing actually is. 😉 I’d almost forgotten about that book and those fabulous characters until two years ago when I discovered a genre that I didn’t even know existed! I immediately devoured every historical Christian romance book I could find and even started a blog where I reviewed (and still review!) books as I read them. I remember thinking, “Huh! Back in the day I had a great idea for a story. I wonder . . .” After that I just couldn’t get the thought out of my head and after two years of writing and rewriting I’m pleased to be able to share my book—nearly twenty years from its first inception—with the world.

HG: Wow, 20 years! And I thought it took forever for my books to come to fruition…On that note, I’d love to know how you decided to self-publish your novel, So Fair a Lady. And please share some highlights (or warning caveats) from that publication process.

AP: At the beginning of my writing journey two years ago I was sure I would never go the indie route—famous last words right? * wink * The more I learned about the process and the freedom and control indie writers have over their manuscripts, I was sold! My specific sub-genre isn’t particularly pleasing to trade publishers (from what I hear) and I didn’t want to be told I had to change major plot lines, or even the entire era or setting to please a particular publisher. After praying about it, I knew what to do—and I had so much peace. I still do! I love indie publishing—though it’s not without its challenges, that’s for sure. My learning curve is straight up. I’d say the thing I’ve learned the most is to ask questions and go forward with courage, knowing I will make mistakes, but that’s ok. It’s part of the process.

HG: Straight-up learning curve–yeah, I think all indie authors can relate! I know you love American Revolutionary history, thus your setting for your novel. Was there some author who inspired you to write in this time period? Favorite books or resources from this era? My daughters and I are currently reading Johnny Tremain by Esther Forbes and it’s so well-written. I feel like I have met Sam Adams.

AP: Oh my goodness, I LOVE that book, too! I haven’t read it for years, but I remember loving her style and how she just made the period come to life. Makes me want to read that again…. 😉 As far as other novels from the era, to be honest not many come to mind! Though that doesn’t mean they aren’t out there, of course. Right now I’m particularly in love with a non-fiction title by Nathaniel Philbrick about the battle of Bunker Hill. He actually goes way back into the history of Boston and I am swept away at how he makes the time period come alive. Absolutely amazing. I’m not typically a huge non-fiction fan, but he is a MASTER and I would read that book over and over again.

The American Revolution era is such a magnificent time in our history, and I love being able to shed some light on it through these books. Many people are already familiar with that time, but others aren’t, and I love hearing from readers that my book (and hopefully the others that will come out soon!) have increased their appreciation for America and what the colonists sacrificed in the name of freedom.

HG: You do book reviews on your blog. Which authors are your go-to favorites and why?

AP: Fun question! I have about four authors that come to mind instantly. Julie Lessman, Laura Frantz, MaryLu Tyndall and Deeanne Gist. Their unique and individual styles never fail to capture my imagination in such a way that their novels truly come to life in my mind. Their stories are always in my top ten go-go reads and if I can someday grow up to write as masterfully as them, I will be one happy girl!

HG: What are some themes you wrestle with in So Fair a Lady?

AP: My heroine, Eliza, is searching for the truth of why her father would go against King George and spy for the Sons of Liberty—why he wanted freedom. One of the main themes is putting your faith in God, and trusting that he will lead you to the truth you are searching for—whatever that may be in your life. Today we often take our freedoms for granted, but in those days they craved freedom and knew the benefits of having it would be innumerable. So, in my story, Eliza’s “truth” is the value of freedom, a precious gift we all have and hopefully can keep forever.

HG: As a homeschooling mom, how do you manage your writing time? Please give me any time-management tips you have!

AP: Oh, Heather, this is a very good question! LOL I try so hard to make sure my life is balanced—God, family, church, homeschool, writing, etc. But wow. It’s hard! Recently I found an article that said one writer sets aside two hours a day to write and she guards those hours ferociously. I’ve started to do that in the evening and so far (fingers crossed) it’s working! I lock myself in the back room, put in the ear plugs and go for it. However, two hours isn’t much in the grand scheme of things, but that’s ok. I do what I can and I know if I stick to my plan, eventually things will get done. Of course, that’s not to say I get two hours every single day, but I try. I find I can enjoy the day so much more—and focus on everything else so much better, knowing that in the evening I will MAKE time to write, that way I don’t end up panicking about whether it’s going to get done.

HG: Do you have a release date and title for your next book? Is it part of the Daughters of His Kingdom series?

AP: I do—and it is! The second book in the series is titled SO TRUE A LOVE, and it follows the story of Nathaniel and Kitty—both characters in the first book. I’m hoping to have it out sometime mid-to-late summer.

 HG: Thanks again for visiting, Amber!

AP: It was such an honor to be here, thank you so much!!!

****So, readers, comment away! Any questions or comments for Amber about the Colonial time period or her publishing journey? One lucky commenter will win your choice of ebook or softcover!****


29 thoughts on “Interview and Giveaway with Amber Lynn Perry, Author of So Fair a Lady

  1. Hi ladies,
    I’m officially taking the week off blogging, but I saw a chance to win a book and I had to jump on it! I love reading historical novels, especially of the American Rev.
    The last book I won on Heather’s site I haven’t gotten to read it- instead it’s making its way through all my mom’s friends (and I know my mom purchased the second book in the series as well-I can’t wait to read both of them!).
    If I win this one, I know it will get read by many people as well.

    Thanks so much for sharing. I agree with Heather, this is a beautiful cover.

    As for the 2 hours a night writing…I wish! I get about 2-3 hours/week. I take what I can get and God blesses it.

    Thanks for the chance to win. I’ll tweet this as well.
    God bless.

    1. Thanks, TC! Hope you get to read this one as I know it’s getting great reviews. Plus, like you, Amber is a really kind and sweet person in real life! I like to support my sweet author friends!

    2. TC!! Thank you so much for stopping by!! I love getting to know other readers/writers! What genre do you write? If do you get a chance to read SFAL I hope you enjoy it! Writing about Thomas and Eliza was such a pleasure. God bless you AND your writing! HUGS!!! A

  2. Gorgeous cover! Thanks for sharing this interview & giveaway, Heather & Amber. I so appreciate indie books–especially historicals. I’d love to win. Thanks for the opportunity. Blessings!

    1. Renee! Hi and Happy Memorial Day!! I love that you are an “indie” fan and that you like historicals like me! 🙂 Aren’t they the best? *wink* LOL I hope you have a blessed week, Renee!!

  3. The cover is beautiful. The whole idea of indie publishing is new to me as a reader, kudos to you Amber for getting your own book out there.

  4. Great interview! I am so excited for Amber’s second book. The cover of So Fair a Lady is one of my favorites this year- it’s just gorgeous. I’d love to win a paperback copy since I just have the e-book 🙂 Thanks!!!

    1. Heidi! How are you?! It’s so fun to see you around, I just adore you and your enthusiasm for Christian fiction! Thank you for all your kindness and support!!! HUGS!!!! A

  5. I love the freedom of independent publishing as well. 🙂 I breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that I only have to please my readers and myself – under the Lord, of course! Your cover is beautiful, Amber, and your debut novel sounds like a great read. Please enter me in the giveaway! 🙂

    1. Alicia! Isn’t indie such a blessing?! I love it too for so many reasons! 🙂 So glad to “meet” you here, and I wish you all the best in your writing path as well! God bless! HUGS!! A

  6. Thank you for the wonderful interview. I love the colonial time period and often dream of living during that time. My husband and I visit Colonial Williamsburg several times a year. We love it there and love learning about the history during that time. I am excited to read your book A Beauty So Rare and thank you for this chance to win a copy. ~ Blessings to you ~

    1. Lisa! I LOVE LOVE LOVE CW!! I would go there all the time if I could, isn’t that place just the best?! I do hope you will enjoy my story if you get a chance to read it–thank you for being so encouraging! HUGS!!

  7. Amber, your book’s cover is just beautiful. Thank you for sharing about the issues with homeschooling. It is really a hard balance. Anytime you write, you feel like you are taking away time from your family. I try to remind myself that, Lord willing, I’ll have a future when the kids are grown … so I’m working to build their lives and mine, too. Balance beam! And I don’t want to fall to the right or to the left. Thanks for the encouragement.

    1. Shelli!! It is such a balancing act, isn’t it? I pray all the time for guidance–and even though I fight for those two hours, they don’t always happen, and I know God will help me when I put the most important things first. 🙂 Good luck on your writing path as well! Thank you and HUGS!!!!! A

  8. Hi Heather & Amber! Thanks for a great interview! I think it’s so neat that your book, although began 20 years ago, has finally come to publication! It gives me hope for some of the stories I’ve written in notebooks over the years! I have loved reading colonial era fiction since my family visited Philadelphia in the 80’s when I was in the first grade and bought a book about Deborah Sampson who disguised herself as a man so that she could fight in the Revolutionary War. It seems the older I get the more I want to read about what it was like when our country began and the sacrifice so many made so that we can live free today! I’m looking forward to reading So Fair a Lady, which I bought a few days ago because I thought the cover was pretty! I thought the story sounded good too, but your cover totally sold me!

    1. Kristen!! Hi! I LOVE that you love RevWar history too! That’s fabulous! Isn’t Deborah Sampson a great female in our history?! I haven’t read her story in quite a while, but its an amazing one. 🙂 I do hope you like SFAL–let me know what you think after you’ve read it!! 🙂 HUGS!!!

  9. Amber,

    Am hoping to read your book soon. I am very interested to see how you handle the characters’ language. Your Colonial characters spoke English, of course, but it would have been very different from today’s English. How did you find a balance between giving an authentic feel for the language of the time and making it accessible to today’s readers?


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