Gearing up for my First FREEBIE!


Hi my faithful readers! Just wanted to share that as of tomorrow, April 7th, God’s Daughter will be FREE ON KINDLE ONLY! (I’m trusting Amazon will make this happen, as per my instructions!). The freebie will be from 4/7-4/9/2014.

If you’ve read and enjoyed it, I’d love it if you’d help spread the word. I have a few tweets you’re welcome to cut/paste TOMORROW, when it should be live.

I’m really excited and nervous. I realize it may get some bad reviews from people who don’t normally even read historical fiction. At the same time, I’m hoping it will reach even MORE readers who love the story of Gudrid.

Here are the three tweetables for tomorrow through Wednesday! Thank you for sharing! It’ll be up on my Pinterest boards, as well!



“One of those rare books I would read again…” FREE on Kindle today! #GODSDAUGHTER:


FREE on Kindle today! “God’s Daughter is not a frivolous or blithe novel, but a richly detailed one…” #goodreads


Like #Vikings? FREE on Kindle today! #GODSDAUGHTER: #freereads

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