Today, I just thought I’d bust some myths we often hear propagated in authorly circles. I had lots of ideas for more…please comment below with any myths you’d like to see me tackle next time, if I vlog on this again! (And by the way, I know this is like the craziest still shot ever from a Youtube vlog…so sorry! I tried to change it!)






5 thoughts on “Author MYTHBUSTING!

  1. Oh my goodness…my first thought was super cute earrings!
    Secondly, do you really use that piece of exercise equipment behind you?
    And lastly, methinks you speaketh the truth, m’lady.
    Nice vlogging!

    1. Thanks on the earrings, Michelle! And yes, I do use that even though it doesn’t really work properly…and I know you and I have both been around publishing awhile and “seen some things,” as it were. Let me know of any other author myths we need to BUST! Grin.

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