My Daughters’ Book Reviews: Shadow Hand by Anne Elisabeth Stengl

I’ve been so blessed lately to chat with author Anne Elisabeth Stengl online. She is such a creative, kind gal! And my daughters were thrilled to receive a review copy of her latest novel, Shadow Hand. EVERY one of Stengl’s covers blows me away, and this one is no exception:


My daughters, ages 13 and 11, each read and reviewed Shadow Hand. They are thrilled to support one of their favorite authors and share how her latest book has impressed them. SINCE I stringently protect my kiddos’ privacy, I’ll give them code names for the purpose of this review. My 13-yo will be “Peach” and my 11-yo will be “Midna”. Both girls love to write, so this is their grand online debut! I told them to keep the reviews short (otherwise I had a feeling we’d have about ten pages each!).


Shadow Hand Review by Peach:

Shadow Hand is a book worth reading again. It’s 100% amazing. The plot was perfect, even to the last chapter. Stengl describes places, creatures, and characters to the point where you’d almost think them real. One thing I found more realistic was that everyone is different. Not everyone is born to be a comedian, or a poet, or a bookworm (like me).

I found all the characters likeable. Lionheart, who I’d originally liked from the beginning, is almost more enjoyable in Shadow Hand. Foxbrush, who hadn’t always been a fave, is so much more of a hero than in his previous appearances. Daylily, who I’d been wanting to know more about since Moonblood, isn’t really the unfazed girl she made herself out to be.

Even the characters that weren’t in it all the way through, like Lark, Nidawi, and Eanrin were fun. All in all, Shadow Hand is a must read to all of the fairytale lovers anywhere.


Shadow Hand review by Midna:

From the start, readers immerse themselves into the deep world of Foxbrush–a shy young man about to marry an enthusiastic young woman. The problem is, Lady Daylily doesn’t love him, and vanishes on their wedding day. From then on it’s a fast-paced adventure to find her in the mysterious Wood, where Foxbrush teams up with his de-throned cousin Lionheart. The two set out on a mission to find the lost maiden, and are forced to battle the Wood’s strange creatures, beasts, and Fairies.

Along the way, they discover a nation-eating parasite and must brace for attack when they are split into different worlds. Meanwhile, Lady Daylily struggles not to disobey the orders of the strange man who is her master. Him being from the Wood, she doesn’t know if she can trust him… but who else is there to trust?

This book is completely satisfying, providing you with a good, long read for your weekend. The characters are so amazing because it’s like the author knows each one and describes them perfectly, entering their worlds and leaving you with a lasting impression of each. And that’s not all! Previous fans of The Tales of Goldstone Wood will be re-united with cherished characters like Prince Felix, Bard Eanrin, Imraldera, and even glimpses of the Prince of Farthestshore. Overall, it’s an amazing book that is so awesome I can’t even explain it’s wonderful contents in three paragraphs; that’s the sign of a book you must read!


And now here’s a glimpse of Anne Elisabeth Stengl’s latest beautiful cover art. I think this might be my new fave…


Still, one of my fave covers of all time is this one, which reminds me of a certain Viking woman I know and love:


If you have MG or YA readers, I’d strongly recommend The Tales of Goldstone Wood series. You can check out Anne Elisabeth’s BEAUTIFUL blog here, where, coincidentally, there is a softcover giveaway of God’s Daughter!

Would love your comments below, as I will relay those to Peach and Midna. And many thanks to Anne Elisabeth for letting me visit her blog, and for letting the girls review Shadow Hand. I have the feeling this is the start of a glorious friendship.

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