Release Date for MIRANDA WARNING, Audio Version of God’s Daughter, & Call Out for Early Readers

I won’t be posting regularly in upcoming weeks–time to put the pedal to the metal on these next projects:

I have set a tentative release date for my mystery, Miranda Warning…and it is:

West Virginia Day–JUNE 20, 2014

I figured this would be an appropriate day to release this contemporary mystery, since not only does Tess Spencer, our heroine, live in West Virginia, but this series is geared toward sharing modern life in this wild, wonderful state.

Now, before this release takes place, there will be another release–

ACX cover-BH logo

The ACX (audio) version of God’s DaughterI’m not sure the specific release date on that, but I will let you know ASAP (please sign up for the newsletter here for early updates!). Suffice it to say I’m working with my crit partner and friend, Becky Doughty of Bravehearts Audio on this project, and I am convinced there will be NO GUDRID LIKE HER GUDRID. Sorry for shouting that, but I’ve been blown away by how Becky’s voice has captured Gudrid for me, and I can’t wait to share it with you!

In the meantime, I’m still guest posting around the web and posting monthly for Novel Rocket. I hope you can check out my 2-part series on marketing/publicity for authors going up this Thursday, Feb. 20th. I asked a group of authors all kinds of nosy questions and thankfully, they were willing to share their hard-earned advice with all of us!

Call-Out for Early Readers: 

I would love early readers for Miranda Warning, who are willing to read an advanced reader copy (e-book) and prepare a review, pre-Amazon launch. If you’re excited about a contemporary Appalachian mystery with a married main character and you want to jump on board, please contact me at heatherdaygilbert (at) gmail (dot) com. I’m taking a limited number of early readers, so please contact me ASAP if you want to be first in line!

Again, for all kinds of bookish updates on audio, future books, cover art sneak peeks, and more, please be sure to sign up for my Newsletter. I’m kind of a newb at author newsletters, but I love the idea of being able to contact you personally with important news–keyword being important. I will only do a handful of newsletters per year, so as not to spam your inbox.

Exciting times ahead, folks! Thanks for keeping up with the latest developments!

10 thoughts on “Release Date for MIRANDA WARNING, Audio Version of God’s Daughter, & Call Out for Early Readers

  1. Heather- I’d LOVE to be an advanced reader for Miranda Warning. Releasing on WV day is a great idea. I’ve suggested the same date for the release of my e-novella ahead of my novel, but who knows if they’ll pay any attention to me. It’ll make for a great media tie-in! So count me in if you still need readers. -Sarah

    Sarah Loudin Thomas Everyday miracles happen every day

    1. Now Sarah Thomas, you KNOW I’d love to have you as an early reader for Miranda Warning, my WV peep! Will put you on the list! And hope they release the e-novella the same day…I’m anxiously awaiting Miracle in a Dry Season!!!

    1. Thank you so much, Melissa! Actually, God’s Daughter is a Viking historical (the one going to audio on ACX) and Miranda Warning will be the mystery (haven’t figured out audiobook plans for that one yet!). I’m thrilled you’re excited about it, though! Miranda Warning (the mystery) will hopefully release on June 20th on Amazon! Thanks for your comments today!

      1. You’re welcome – I enjoy supporting authors. Keep on writing and I’ll keep looking for your books/audio as well. I can read hard copy and kindle but enjoy listening to audiobooks reminds me of the old radio dramas:)

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