A Couple E-book Giveaways of God’s Daughter!


Just a quick check-in post to share two e-book giveaways of God’s Daughter, in case you’ve been waiting for a chance at it! Here they are:

Infinite Characters: (Ending at midnight Jan 9)

Lisa Godfrees: (Just went up–not sure how long it’s running!)

Also, wanted to share a couple new review posts, in case you wanted a few more thoughts on the book before buying:

A Booklover’s Heart

Janet Sketchley  (honored as Janet said this was her fave histfic novel of 2013!)

As far as what’s up this month, I’m doing a radio interview with Giovanni Gelati, and I’ll link up to that when it goes live. I also have another Novel Rocket post going live on Thurs, Jan 16th, on “Getting the Good out of your Goodreads Account.” I’m also getting excited about my first live author signing on Jan 25th!

****What about you? What’s up in your January? If you’re an author and have done signings, please share any tips!****


2 thoughts on “A Couple E-book Giveaways of God’s Daughter!

  1. I’m looking forward to reading your Goodreads advice, Heather. There’s so much activity there, it’s hard to figure it out. Enjoy your signing! A tip I picked up from Sandra Orchard (who I think shared it as advice she’d received from someone else) is to choose a sentence to write in the book along with your signature, something that ties into the story’s theme or actions. I usually write “Whatever happens, Jesus will be there” but if I know the person will take it the right way, I write “Be careful what you pray for.”

  2. Janet, thank you! I hope the Goodreads advice helps authors (mostly learning from MY mistakes! Ha). I love your idea to choose a sentence. I’d pondered what mine would be, and never figured out anything really deep to say. So I just wind up making it personal, since I’ve only signed books for people I know. For a signing, I do need something more “across the board” to write! Thanks for sharing today!

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