A Little Update on the Book Launch…

First off, let’s celebrate with fireworks:


And then something chocolate (I don’t like cherries but I’d give them to you if you do):


And finally, we’ll chill in a cafe with some cappuccino or tea:


Some mega thanks are in order for all of you all who tweeted, FBed, interviewed, reviewed, and BOUGHT God’s Daughter this weekend. Guess what? It did really well. On launch day, God’s Daughter rocked right on up the Amazon lists –it’s still sitting at #2 on the Amazon Norse/Icelandic bestseller list here.

It’s fallen a bit on the Christian and Religious Historical Bestseller lists, but it made it up to number 12 on those, as well! And it was a hot new Christian release (which seems a bit incongruous!).

So there’s much to celebrate. I hope you all are able to use the Glossary above for those Norse word explanations, and to check the family tree if you get confused in the relationships. You can actually see a lot more details on the book on Shelfari, here. This is a really fun area of Amazon, kind of like Goodreads, only more in-depth on the book itself.

The main thing I wanted to share is that there IS a hard copy of this novel (soft-cover) coming soon! So do NOT despair if you like to hold a book in your hands! It will be on the Amazon link, but I will definitely update you when that releases.

Also, Nook owners can load it up at Smashwords now, but hopefully it will show up in your Nook store in a couple of weeks.

Finally, I’m guest blogging and doing interviews literally every week this month, sometimes three times a week. I can’t keep a running list here, but I will be posting every interview on my Pinterest board here. Of course I always mention them on FB, as well!

Bottom line–YOU GUYS ARE WONDERFUL! This was a book launch I will never forget–not because of parties or book signings or massive giveaways. This is unforgettable because I saw a group of readers (and soon-to-be readers!) come together and promote a novel like there’s no tomorrow. You believed in me and my writing, and for that, I can NEVER thank you enough.



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