Facebook Photo Blitz for GOD’S DAUGHTER!


Spent a little time brainstorming how I could have YOU participate in the launch of God’s Daughter, and I came up with a fun idea.

I want pictures of YOU and YOUR FAVORITE BIBLE. Why, you might ask?

Well, my main Viking character, Gudrid, had no Bible. As I wrote her story, I had to wonder: what was it like for a Viking Christian who didn’t have access to God’s Word? How did she know right from wrong? All she would’ve had was the Holy Spirit. But she wanted, even longed for, a Bible. (Don’t worry…later on she just might get one…)

So I’m kicking it off with a pic of my fave Bibles. Yes, I had to narrow it down to two. And how blessed are we to have more than one Bible? I even have a German Bible. But my faves are these two:


Yup, that is one big Bible on the left (I won’t elaborate on the somewhat big hair above it…). It was headed for the dump and I rescued it–it even has the Apocrypha, which I find very interesting. Also, I just love the musty smell of the pages.

The Bible on the right is one of my first Bibles, inscribed to me by my Grandma and Grandpa. It has my childish epiphanies in the front pages, like “The higher you go on the ladder of pride, the farther you fall.” Also, it was made by Zondervan…I had this dream that my first book would get published by Zondervan, in a kind of full-circle thing. I suppose these things were not so to be.

SO. Your mission is to take a pic of YOU with your favorite Bible, and tell me WHY it is your fave. Send it as an attachment to me at heatherdaygilbert (at) gmail (dot) com. I will be publishing the pics as I receive them over on my Facebook Author page here. *Bonus points if you think of one reason why you’re glad we have Bibles available today or what kinds of issues Gudrid might have faced NOT having a Bible.*

This is so fun!!! Can’t wait to see your photos! I might even make a Pinterest album for them…


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