GOD’S DAUGHTER Quotes Pin Series

We still have some Lazy Days of Summer book reviews coming down the pike, but I couldn’t wait to launch this next blog series.

I wanted to share little bits of my Viking novel, God’s Daughter, with you, so I decided to go the PicMonkey route and give you pinnable quotes and pictures. I will freely admit it took me a full two hours to get one of these ready to go…not as simple as it looks, at least for me!

These pins will give you a hint at Gudrid’s voice in the novel, and hopefully make you salivate a little to read the book, releasing Novemeber first!

Today, I’m going to give you a quote from the Prologue. This is the only part of the novel that’s written in third person…and Gudrid is just a young girl. It’s quite sad, but it gives you a hint of what Gudrid is repressing and dealing with all her life.

Oh, and please pin these babies to your Pinterest boards! I’d like to drum up excitement for these Viking travelers/warriors/families early in the game!

Thank you all. Hope you enjoy this series. Here we go with the first pin!:

8 thoughts on “GOD’S DAUGHTER Quotes Pin Series

  1. Thank you, Faith! Like I said, it took me a LOOONG while to get the hang of it. I can still spend way too much time on PicMonkey! I found free photos at morguefile.com. And I really hope that has nothing to do with real morgues.

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