The NORSEMEN are here!

VIKINGS miniseries on The History Channel

As you probably heard, the Vikings miniseries launched on The History Channel Sunday night. As I mentioned on my FB author page, #Vikings was the top trender that day on twitter. It’s nice to look up #Vikings and find stuff about ACTUAL Vikings for a change, and not the football team. Not that I have anything against the team, I just know nothing about football.

It was comforting for me to know that I haven’t been far off in the idea that people are interested in this time period. Many people on twitter were mentioning how they had Nordic roots and wanted to know more about them. And yet, there is a need to reach the masses with the truth–that Christianity changed the Vikings for the better. That’s something I don’t expect to see play out in The History Channel series, but I could be wrong. The time period they’re portraying (around AD 800) was when Christianity was barely starting to make inroads with the Vikings.

And here’s the coolest thing–I had so many people contact me, via Facebook or twitter, to let me know this Vikings show was coming out. I was, in fact, blown away by how many people associated me with the Vikings! I took that as a huge compliment.
Today, I watched the show on hulu, to get caught up. Turns out, you can watch the upcoming episode this week on hulu, too:,p0,d0.

I enjoyed the show and found it to be fairly historically accurate. I loved having a visual on that beautiful ship, sliding through the fjords. (They’re using a longship, as opposed to the knarr, which was used in my novel–the knarr was a merchant-type, long-distance ship). I liked that the wife wasn’t a coward, much like my Gudrid.

I did think it was a bit heavy on the violence, though far less violent than Braveheart or something along those lines. If you’re looking for a good, informative show for your kids about Vikings, I’d highly recommend the DVD: Vikings: Journey to New Worlds, available on Netflix. This Vikings miniseries is probably too heavy-duty for little ones.

All in all, I’m thrilled that Vikings are making such a huge comeback. I was also thrilled that The Bible miniseries debuted, too. I haven’t caught that one yet. I’m sure it might veer from the historical truth somewhat, but I’m hoping it will raise interest in the one true God–the God who was powerful enough to create the world and all that is in it. And the God who captured many Vikings’ hearts and changed them for the better.

****I know some of you all have watched this show! I’d love to know your thoughts on it. Or tell me the most informative thing you’ve read or watched about Vikings!****

24 thoughts on “The NORSEMEN are here!

  1. Ooh, intriguing. I would love to see this. I missed the Bible one too! Downside of not having TV, but I'm going to check on Hulu. I'm so glad Viking are trending…I think it's fascinating.

  2. We watched both. Hubby & I gave The Bible miniseries a C+. Much of what they did was well done, but I was annoyed by some of the narrative choices. Include extra-biblical scenes to ramp up the drama, but leave out Jacob & Joseph entirely to get to Moses? We were at the Red Sea at 90 minutes in, and I joked to hubs, "We should be able to wrap this up in the next 3 minutes or so and finish up with David, right?" That said, they didn't shirk the theme "trust in God," so I give them credit for that much.I really enjoyed Vikings, although it tottered on the edge of my tender sensibilities. (Yes, I'm a wuss!) I know less about Vikings than the Bible, so any inaccuracies didn't bother me. The story they've set up completely sucked me in, although I may end up watching parts of it through my fingers!

  3. Brandy–it is hilarious that Bible history has to be condensed like that! But truly hoping it gets people interested in the real Bible, which has tons MORE interesting history in it! Still, cool that The HISTORY CHANNEL is acknowledging that the Bible qualifies as HISTORY, right?And the Vikings…yes, might get a little gruesome throughout. Those were some rough times!

  4. I hadn't heard of this series, but would have thought of you almost immediately! "Oooooh, that Viking chick would love this."Looks absolutely intriguing. I'll have to find it on a streaming network that works north of the border. Google, here I come!

  5. That's cool, Jaime! Yes, this show does bring Vikings to life. I do think it portrays the Jarl (earl) as capriciously violent, though. The Viking people had more say in judgement at the Thing meetings. AND I'm sure I'll keep breaking it down as I watch…

  6. I have yet to see the first episode, but I thought that Vikings were always in? The urban myths often misrepresent them ought, so I'm glad this series appears to be accurate. I agree that most folks don't associate the Vikings with Christianity, but as I recall, they adopted it very quickly?

  7. I hadn't heard about the Viking series, but I'll have to check it out. I'll be interested to see if it does show anything about Christianity.I haven't watched the Bible series either, but I had a friend say they watched the first episode and they found few things that deviated from the Bible, but that it was probably for time sake that they cut some things and/or combined things.

  8. Yes, Graeme–Vikings are always "in," for many of us! Just good to see a resurgence of interest! And TC–after watching the second episode, I will say it's crude in parts. I do see how they're trying to make it edgier. They used some of an Arabic trader's history of the Vikings, which may or may not be accurate (spitting and blowing nose in water, splashing water on face, etc). In other words, so far, it seems to propagate the idea that Vikings were a small step above animals. Even the family relationships seem warped and violent. I guess I'm saying, if you watch it, know it's a skewed view. I'm becoming less and less impressed w/the show.

  9. I'll be honest, I was a little disappointed. The hero in the story isn't likable! Maybe the writers will pull a Joanne Bischof and make an unlikable character likable, but as I see the clips for future episodes, I'm not so sure.His goal to do more and be better are more selfish than anything. When he's sitting in front of that funky fortune teller thingy-person and he asks if he wants to know about himself or his son, he says, "I'm more interested in me." He's arrogant and self-seeking. Even his trip west is to bring back riches. There's no other real gain, now don't get me wrong, I know he's a Viking. Vikings do that sort of thing. But I need some kind of likable quality. Some kind of sincerity.The wife? Brave. Valiant. And there's some mystery with the brother. I'm intrigued. I'd watch it more for her than the hero. I'm gonna give it a few more rounds, and then I'm out if he doesn't arc quickly. πŸ™‚

  10. Jessica, you totally put your finger on it. That's what I was telling my hubby–Ragnar is NOT a hero. He kills indiscriminately, a grin on his face as his men slaughter helpless monks. He treats his wife carelessly. We aren't ROOTING for him. Now, there COULD be an arc if the monk influences him for the better. Maybe it's trying to show how pagan/wild the Vikings were, pre-Christianity. I don't know. But I agree–they give us no heroes to root for in this show.

  11. Haha! Jessica R. Patch…I heard that. πŸ˜€ Too funny! Glad my hero was redeemable πŸ˜‰ I sensed that at the end of the second episode, the hero was gaining some redeemable qualities with what happened with the monks… I sure hope so! I agree, having watched the 2 episodes now, that it focused heavily on violence and…er…well that "other thing" πŸ™‚ A little much and rather heartbreaking in certain scenes, which I sort of just muted and pushed my computer off to the side a bit–can't bear it. But all in all, I'm intrigued and curious what will happen next. πŸ™‚

  12. I didn't get to watch the Vikings premiere, primarily because of my toddler (he was still awake). I expected them to portray the Vikings as stereotypical cut-throats and land pirates, but like you, I'd be interested in the story of how Christianity impacted them, but I may watch it anyway for the history. πŸ™‚

  13. I missed the start of the series. Thanks for the heads up on hulu. I know this series is exciting for you and will prove to pique interest in the Vikings. I always enjoyed Braveheart, but the violent battle scenes were a little too much for my taste.

  14. From what I gather, "Hagar the Horrible" is more historically balanced than a show on the History Channel?Ah, oh well….at least the network no longer has programs about aliens building Stonehenge!Regarding the likability of the protagonist, I'll have to see the show before I comment much, but considering the era the show takes place in, I'm not that surprised. They weren't called the Dark Ages for nothing! πŸ™‚

  15. Gwen–yes, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT WATCH WITH YOUR TODDLER! Hee. And Jill, these scenes weren't quite as bad as Braveheart, but there was definitely some head-chopping…And WHAT, Larry–aliens did NOT build Stonehenge? Hee. And in some ways they were definitely Dark. But I maintain that they started lightening up some w/Christianity.

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