My Word for 2013!

Wow! Seems like I haven’t seen you all in forever! Been keeping my nose to the grindstone up until Christmas break, then did some traveling (in all that snow–so thankful I married a Yankee driver…) and had a wonderful, relaxing visit with my in-laws.

Just wanted to pop over and share my “word for the year” for the upcoming year. I didn’t have one for 2012…in retrospect, I can think of a few, none of which are highly uplifting or inspirational! But I will say that God has brought some lovely things into our lives: a home to live in, a job for my husband, and family living nearby. He’s also brought me really special writer friends and a fond re-acquaintance with the mountains from whence I sprang.

Being a bit of a Marshwiggle (you know what I mean if you’ve read The Silver Chair), I tend to plan for the negative stuff, while hoping for the best. So I came up with some hope-deflating words for 2013, to steel myself against the (possibly) inevitable. BUT God gave me a much better word for it:

This lovely button is courtesy of the lovely Melanie at She made free buttons for blogspots and I appreciated that so much! Gave me something to look forward to!

I chose this word for several reasons, but a big one was that a special college teacher sent us a sweet Christmas card, in which she sent a blessing for the new year. Not a generic blessing–a specific one. And it made me cry, folks.

When you bless someone, it is a powerful thing. I want to specifically bless others this year. I want to be an instrument of blessing, whether that means encouraging others or exhorting others or praying for others.

I want to shower more words of blessing on my children, instead of the usual mommy/teacher to-do lists.

And finally, I’d like my writing endeavors to be blessed by God. This January, it’s been five years that I’ve been plugging away at this, not slacking and (for the most part) continuing in prayer for God to move. I know it’s what I’m supposed to do. I just want God to open the floodgates of heaven. There, I said it!

I’m sticking a smaller version of this word for the year in my sidebar, so every time you bop over to my blog, or every time I check it out, we can be reminded to specifically bless others that day. Let’s say the kind and uplifting things while we have time, because we have no promise of the morrow.

Much love and many BLESSINGS to each of you in 2013. I want you to know that you are blessings to me, each and every time I read your comments!


22 thoughts on “My Word for 2013!

  1. I love, Love, LOVE this post! In fact, I love it more because your 2013 word is 'Blessing' – and that's what you have been to me. I value your friendship Madame Author and am so excited to see what 2013 brings for you. Bless you today!

  2. Heather,What a wonderful word! I'm preparing my post to wrap up 2012 for tomorrow – and I'm putting up my 2013 word. I've been doing this for 6 years now (can hardly believe it!) and I love it. 2013 will be my 7th word.Blessing. Yes. You are, you do, and I look forward to how the Lord is going to bless you this year.Hugs,Becky

  3. Thanks for commenting, and Happy 2013 to you, too, Brandy! And Becky, what a blessing you are to me. I can't wait to see YOUR word! What was your word for 2012?And Sarah, things are melting here on the mountain. BUT we're supposed to get more snow tomorrow! I hear it's sunnier down south. We drove back in that snowstorm on Wed–PA roads were very bad!

  4. What a great post, Heather and such a fantastic word for 2013! For several years, I've had a "word for the year." My word for 2013 is PATIENCE, as I struggle in this area. In fact, yesterday I planned to write a blog post about my word for 2013, but I got so impatient trying to explain my struggles, I wrote something else. πŸ™‚ I'm wishing you a waterfall of blessings with your writing in 2013! It's your year girl!

  5. You've already blessed me just by writing this blog post and encouraging me to remember to be a blessing to others.Thank you, Heather. You do have the heart of an encourager.(And remember: The Marshwiggle ultimately had a heroic role in The Silver Chair!)

  6. Ha–Jill, love that you got so impatient, you wrote something else! Yes, PATIENCE could've defined my 2012, for sure.And Beth, thank you! I've heard some sermons on intentionally blessing others, but I'd love to find a good book about it. And yes, we just listened to The Silver Chair on CD, where the witch almost convinced them all that the Sun/upper world was just a dream…but good ol' Puddleglum stepped up and said even if it was, it was a good deal better than her underworld! I loved this line: "I'm born to be a misfit, I shouldn't wonder."Sometimes I feel that way in the CBA! Hee.

  7. A wonderful word, Heather! You are so right. We kind of use the word blessing in a generic form, but it's really a quite powerful word. Praying many blessings on your writing and personal life. I'm revealing my word on Wednesday. Melanie did a great job with the buttons. I like them even more than last year! πŸ™‚ Happy New Year, my friend!

  8. Such a wonderful word for 2013!I didn't have one for 2012 either, but I decided to pray for one for this upcoming year and God showed me my word is DEPENDENCE. everything I need comes from God. A job, spouse, health, home, etc don't come from this world and don't bring security…only God can. This word seems overwhelming right now, but I trust God to help me with it. God bless and Happy New Year.

  9. Jessica, looking forward to seeing your word! Love how we each come up with unique ones. And TC–great word. In the end, it all comes down to that. We can't ever do it all alone–we have to depend on Him, even if we do tend to be the more independent type.God bless you both in the new year!

  10. Blessing is a great word for 2013, I pray that God does fill the new year with blessings for you! The one word focus is new to me, and while I want to participate, its the 31st and I'm still undecided on the word, lol! Hmmm. I'll keep praying about it. Happy New Year, Heather!

  11. I can't believe I forgot to leave a comment. My word could easily be "loser".I blame fatigue. And that I now have my own copy of Last of the Mohicans. But in all seriousness? For two new friends, who feel like I have known them forever, the word would HAVE TO BE "treasures".Pure, beautiful, life altering, amazing, kind, brilliant, joyful TREASURES.

  12. I love this, Heather! And as we already said, I think it's so neat that we both picked the same word with a different idea. This is going to be a wonderful year, I just know it! And I am excited to see how the Lord works in both of our lives! :)Thanks for stopping by my blog – I've enjoyed checking out your blog too.

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