Yup, I’m Jumping on the "Bloggy-Break" Train!

Thank you all so much for visiting my guest post at Southern Writers on Wednesday! Loved your comments!

So, I’ve decided that since my brain is all but derailed this month, I need to take a blogging break. Still waiting to hear back on submissions for my Viking novel (yes, I’ll freely admit it’s been almost 10 months of waiting now!), and I’m still writing my next (non-Viking) novel to take my mind off my wait. I’d like to get this one finished by January, which means I need to add a mere 40,000 words between now and then.

SO, I’m going to hunker down and write. I’ll miss you blog-readers dreadfully in December! Your comments just brighten my days. I promise to be back and hopefully refreshed in January. AND if I get any spectacular news between now and then, I’ll definitely share with you!

Merry Christmas and let’s hope it’s a VERY Happy New Year…2013, here we come!


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