Just Bing Me!

Hilarious! Would our spouses/friends agree?

Just a short fun post today!

I was just telling my closest writing peeps that I’d googled and binged myself (sounds weird, but you know what I’m talking about!). Trying to keep up with the ol’ platform-building AND I check periodically to make sure no pics of my kids show up (very OCD about keeping them out of my platform–you know, in case I turn into Stephenie Meyer someday…).

Anyway, I realized there was a take-away from this bing-ing experience. And it is this: everything you say can and might be used against you at some point in your writing career.

Google brought up comments I’d made on blogs maybe two to three years ago! You know, all those comments you drop, offering your opinion (which might change over time)…those comments you write at 1 a.m. while surfing the net half-asleep.

Yes, those comments are still there!

So just a little word of warning. Be careful what you post in your friends’ comment sections! Don’t stop commenting–after all, it does build your platform and help you connect with other writers. And it encourages your friends.

But always remember, what’s said on the web STAYS on the web!

****Fun exercise of the day–google or bing yourself (your first and last name or your author name), see if any surprising stuff comes up and share if you want!****

16 thoughts on “Just Bing Me!

  1. I discovered the same thing recently and I completely freaked out! There were comments from many years ago. In a way, it was like a trip down memory lane, but at the same time, I wish my comments weren't forever a part of the internet.

  2. What's funny to me is how normal it is to hear "Google" as a verb, but how funny "Bing" still sounds. 🙂 This IS a good lesson, though, in being careful what we say on the web. 🙂

  3. I so thought we were going to talk about Bing Crosby today…it being Christmas and all. lol (I adore "White Christmas" movie and song…and anything else Bing sings or acts in.)But instead it's about "Bing" and I'm glad I read this post. It's a good reminder of the longevity of the Internet and what we put out there. It's also a reminder that agents and publishers will one day "Bing" and "Google" your name and see what they can dig up. Be careful. 🙂

  4. No, Jennifer, you'd better NOT! We all enjoy your comments. You're never cocky or presumptuous, as I certainly was in my early writing years. Okay, I still might be that way sometimes, late at night…hee.And TC, same to you. Always enjoy your comments and you're always kind!

  5. How did you find the comments? I binged my name and found blog posts and some pictures, but no comments. Perhaps I didn't go far enough. Good advice though — we do need to treat the internet (even facebook) as the public platform it is.

  6. Gwen, I found mostly posts where I was mentioned or where I'd blogged. But I know I'd googled myself earlier, and found a couple comments on blog spots that were linked to twitter users. I find that twitter is a HUGE way to get your name out there on bing or google or whatever. I think the links change constantly when you google yourself!

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