16 thoughts on “Not-So-Deep Writing Thoughts with Heather…

  1. I love the hair!! You're awesome! I wanted to give NaNo a try so badly this year, but the timing just didn't work out. I finally finished edits from crit partners, and sent my manuscript off to a professional editor last night! WHEW!!! It's a YA sci-fi romance of the genetic manipulation kind. i'm very excited about it. Good luck writing!

  2. Heather, NOW you're talking my language when you say "of the genetic manipulation kind…" Hee! Seriously, YA sci-fi romance–amazing! I know that feeling of a burden being lifted when an editor is looking at your stuff. You've done all you can–they'll tell you how to make it even better–then you can revise and get it ready to ROLL! Congrats on getting that done!

  3. Heather. Heather. Heather. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this. I have bad writing, too, but I prefer it to blaring lights. MOOOOOOOOD lighting, right? 2nd of The Gustafson Girls series – Renata, the "good" one, is struggling with depression and rebellion and is feeling trapped in the "perfect" world she's created….Back to it!Hugs,Becky

  4. You wear lipstick, I have to draw on my eyebrows. Otherwise I have NO expression.Just finished a chapter by chapter outline of the first MS I wrote. Oy. Too much telling. Now I'm picking up speed on the 3rd MS while the 2nd is out trying to find an agent who loves it.

  5. Ha–Sarah, yes some of my eyebrows are going white now!And what genre do you write in?Telling is a common affliction on early manuscripts. Although it's also possible to do too LITTLE telling (which I think was my problem on my first MS). Live and learn and move on! Glad you're getting that 3rd MS done while the 2nd is out.

  6. So lovely to hear your voice! I wish my hair would curl…it's stick straight.I'm halfway through my current ms, a contemporary novel with romantic elements. Hoping to finish by end of November then do revisions and have to my CP by end of December…lots of work ahead, but like you said…totally worth it!

  7. You're writing a mystery too? How funny. I'm stepping outside my YA stuff and am working a mystery/thriller. I've only reached 52K, so I gotta boogy to complete this by the end of NaNoWriMo. 🙂

  8. Too cute, Heather! I love the curly hair! I'm busy with NaNo and reached the 30K word count today, so I'm feeling pretty good. I'm targeting my NaNo project to the Love Inspired Series. With that being said, after I reach 50K words, I'll put it aside for the holidays and start the new year with MAJOR editing.

  9. PJ, I didn't realize you wrote YA! Someday, I'd love to try my hand at YA. Are you shooting for 80K by the end of NaNo? Dude, 50K is nothing to scoff at!And Jill, thanks for the hair remarks. I make many remarks to my hair, but none of them are nice! Ha. And 50K is the right length for Love Inspired–way to know your market and gear toward it. Editing is hard–it's always good to get another pair of eyes on your MS before you send it out, too. 30K is over the middle and it's all downhill from here! (in a good way!)

  10. Miss you soooooo much. This really made me smile. Well, I am trying to nanowrimo but only at about 8000 so it is not looking good but November has just fallen apart here. With Genny being ill and a death in the family, it seems like odds are against 50,000 but ya never know. I will just keep writing till I get there even if its Jan. 1 st. I'm attempting YA contemporay with a jagged edge and some inspiration thrown in. It's not very good but at least it is good practice. BTW…..are you interested in a smaller publisher because I met a bunch of authors and publishers over the weekend. I could forward the info. If u r interested. Tell everyone we said howdy! Amy M. Hawley

  11. Hey Amy! 8000 words is a start, girl! Sometimes life gets in the way. You can always pick another month (I did January that one year) and try to get the rest done then. I think November is a hard month to write in, due to holidays, etc. That's cool that you met some authors and publishers! I'll let you know if I need more info, but right now my proposal is still out w/some publishers.

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