"How the Old Mountains Drip with Sunset"–Emily Dickinson

Anyone who knows me know this wouldn’t actually be MY blog, were not some Emily Dickinson strewn throughout it.

So here’s a little something to celebrate autumn , from the incomparable Emily:

“How the old mountains drip with sunset, 
And the brake of dun!
How the hemlocks are tipped in tinsel
By the wizard sun!”

–Emily Dickinson

I just had a glorious thought–I think Emily liked exclamation points as much as I do!

And, because a picture is worth a thousand words…here’s a pic of this magical time of year, when the sun kisses the hayed fields and the leaves create the best-smelling carpet of all:

****Do you have fall where you live? Do you love fall? Or do you find it bittersweet, as the trees get barer  and we realize winter is fast approaching?****

5 thoughts on “"How the Old Mountains Drip with Sunset"–Emily Dickinson

  1. Oh lovely! Nice words from the grand Em, too.I LOVE Fall. I love the colors, the smell, the preparation for winter, because to me, winter is a time of hunkering down, digging in, growing deeper and stronger roots in the things and people I love – family, friends, my passions. Fall is a time of anticipation for me. Love it.Hugs,Becky

  2. Yes, Lindsay, that crisp, cool air is supposedly on its way (hurricane Sandy has us all wondering on the east coast!). And Becky, what a succinct way to capture what I've always felt about winter. Love the image of putting our roots down deeper. Goodness knows my tulips do SO much better when they have a cold winter flowerbed to snug down in!

  3. Is that a photo of your property in WV, Heather? Gorgeous! I have mixed feeling about the arrival of Fall. I love the cool, crisp mornings and the colorful leaves, especially on the Maples. I'm not a fan of Winter and I know it's on our doorstep. In Charlotte, the leaves haven't reached their peak, but the NC mountains are glorious, just like your photo!

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