All-Tuckered Out Friday

What great comments on this Wednesday’s blog about grief! I appreciate you readers so much.

Today, I’m taking a little break. The cool thing is that I’m now the West Virginia ACFW area coordinator! I’m very excited about this, but I’ve been busy setting up our group page. 

If you’re around WV and you’re interested in conferences going on in the state, please check my FB author page frequently. I plan to post dates/locales to that page as well (

Also, I’ve started writing another book as I’m waiting to hear back from publishers on my Viking novel. So my brain is in creative-writer mode. Many of you know exactly what I’m talking about.

And my hubby still doesn’t have a job and I’m still homeschooling…so it’s just a little overwhelming right now. (Pray for me if you think about it! I know many of you already are!)

So I’m thinking I’ll reduce my blogging schedule to two days a week. We’ll shoot for Mondays and Fridays. I’m not too strict about my topic scheduling right now, so let’s just say each post will be something about:

1) Writing life
2) Marriage
3) Homeschooling/Parenting
4) West Virginia/Appalachian life
5) Vikings
6) Book Reviews
7) Guest Author Interview/Posts

And sometimes I might throw in those Classy Quotes, because, hey, I love to find moving quotes and share them with you!

You all are just great! 

And now I’m off to have a cup of coffee. We can only hope it’s decaf at this time of the evening…

****If we could just chillax and talk, what kind of coffee/tea would you order? I think I could go for a raspberry latte!****


13 thoughts on “All-Tuckered Out Friday

  1. Coffee: I love me some Italian Roast – anything tall, dark, and handsome. In a coffee cup, that is! Tea: I like to make my own home-grown home-brews. I like ginger, lemon, and elderberry (berries OR flowers) together, and not just when I have a cold. And I love rose-hip, rosemary, and lavender together, and not just when I have a headache. And of course, chocolate mint. Love them funky mints.I think cutting down on the blogging is the new pink. A job. Yes. He's toast, I tell you, TOAST!

  2. I'm a big lover of tea. My current flavor of choice is Hibiscus Tea…it's yummy. Although I'm WV born, I live in Charlotte now, otherwise I'd be signing up for the conferences. Prayers for your husband to find a job. Congrats on the new book!

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