What’s YOUR Fancy?

Today, I have a major question for you, my blog readers:

What do you like about this blog? What keeps you coming back? In other words, what tickles your fancy?

The author interviews? The homeschool posts? The book reviews? The video blogs, complete with Southern accent? Newbie writer tips? Classy quotes? Viking lore? Appalachian lore? Or do you like any of it at all?

Seriously, my peeps, I’d like to maximize your time by blogging about what you like to read. 

So my post today is short and sweet. You tell me what you like! And I’m going to try to blog it!

****Fill me in, please! Tell me what you look for in a blog, so I can change what I need to. And tell me if I’m doing anything right, so I can keep it up!****


16 thoughts on “What’s YOUR Fancy?

  1. It's all good. Your video blogs were especially cool, probably because I enjoy a southern accent. I like the variety, but if you pressed me, I would like to read more about your writing journey, the troubles and joys along the way.

  2. I like the variety you have! I wouldn't change a thing. I really like reading/hearing excerpts of your stories – more of that would be great.Also, I must mention that a conclusion for Otherworld is still greatly anticipated!! Way to hook us and then leave us hanging as to what happens!!! (That deserves more !!!!'s, but I'm trying to cut back lately.) šŸ˜‰ Maybe put it in an ebook format, if you don't have it on the front burner to publish? I would buy it!

  3. You know me. I'm asking the same question (not officially… but maybe vicariously through you, now!).I like your author interviews because I discover new authors and new books that way.I like your vlogs because it's like a 3D version of your blog.Argh! I wish I could give you better feedback – but you know what I'm talking about.I'll be reading these comments over your shoulder…Becky

  4. I think book reviews or previews of new books are good! I also like comical "day in the life of" stuff too. And insider publishing tips are always in demand!

  5. I've been missing from blogging for awhile, but in general I like to see a variety. I like fun stuff, and interesting writing tips. I also like to see how writers balance life with writing. Hope to be visiting your blog more now! šŸ™‚

  6. I like the mix. The newbie tips are great for me. I learn so much and I really enjoy the video blogs as well as info about homeschooling as one day I plan to home school.The book reviews and interviews are awesome too! Guess I like it all. Great job.

  7. I like everything, Heather! I haven't been here long, but so far I am really digging your vlogs, interviews, your Viking lore, writer tips, and classy quotes. Did I mention everything? Never change. šŸ˜‰

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