Why Vikings are "Boss"

My son’s newest word for cool or awesome is boss. As in, “Zelda: Skyward Sword is BOSS.” “The Ranger’s Apprentice book is BOSS.”
I’m going to let you in on a secret. Vikings are BOSS.
There was an incredible amount of online buzz about the multi-faceted bad-guy Loki in the previous Thor movie. But there’s already palpable excitement about the upcoming Thor: The Dark World movie.
I’m going to tell you why: Thor and BBC’s Doctor Who show have collided! The villain in Thor: The Dark World is going to be none other than the ninth Doctor!
Nerd alert: I’ve been a huge Doctor Who fan since way back when this guy was the Doctor:
“The White-haired Doctor” is how I knew him. Jon Pertwee was his actual name.
Then, we had the most illustrious Doctor–the Doctor with the scarf. His actual name is Tom Baker.
(Tom Baker–Photo from SciFiNow magazine)
I’d glue myself to the “telly” for 90 minutes every Saturday to transport myself to the world of British accents, a time-traveling telephone box, and of course, the evil DALEKS.
I’ve recently discovered the ninth Doctor Who: Christopher Eccleston. I’ve been enjoying episodes with this guy on Netflix:
The Ninth Doctor: Christopher Eccleston
And then I found out through my #DoctorWho twitter sources that Christopher Eccleston will be playing the evil nemesis Malekith in Thor: The Dark World, which comes out in November, 2013.
All this to say that Vikings are still on the rise. It started with the How to Train Your Dragon book series/movie. Then we moved to Thor.
But here’s something totally boss: the story of a real Viking heroine named Gudrid who traveled with her third husband to North America and met some natives…It’s a book I call God’s Daughter.
Wouldn’t it be nice if my book could debut along with all the Thor hype? Hmmm. 
****Okay, is there anyone who will admit to being as big a Doctor Who nerd as I am? Anyone else excited about Vikings?**** 

15 thoughts on “Why Vikings are "Boss"

  1. Not a Doctor Who fan…but if Magua took up medicine, I'd fake a third leg just for a consult.I must say, I'm a little disappointed that you haven't booked your trip to L'Anse aux Meadows yet!!

  2. Yes, yes! I grew up on Dr. Who, hiding with my sister behind the couch from the sea monsters and cybermen. I never minded the Daleks. I too spent years of my childhood with John Pertwee and Tom Baker. And the lovable K9, who unfortunately looks cheesy when you back on it, lol.Dr. Who and Vikings. Two of my faves!

  3. Jennifer, it's on the list…the "when I have some money" list! Hee. And Graeme, the newer seasons are pretty cool, too–just watched one with a leftover Dalek and they actually did make it kind of freaky and dangerous, even if it is a metal robot thing!I was probably the only person in my entire school who loved Doctor Who growing up. This is why I'm so thrilled to see a twitter hashtag devoted to it!

  4. You do realize that all you have to do is fly to Maine, then I'll pick you up. Then we'd drive to the Nfld ferry. Then we'd share B&B's. Seriously. When you have some peeps in the East, it's WAY cheaper.

  5. Okay, since we're cruisin' down Viking Lane, my all time favorite vikings? Asterix and Obelix and his pup, Dogmatix. Anyone remember them? Anyone? Anyone? Oh, the wenches were sassy, the druids were noble, and the drinkers (Alcoholix) were a-plenty.Look them up if you don't know what I'm talking about – the characters' names alone make it worth it. http://www.asterix.comYes, Heather, vikings are the BOSS!

  6. OK, not a Dr. Who fan … but you got me all excited about Dr. Who and Vikings and the upcoming Thor movie. Thought the first one was a blast — is he going to get back to earth or not?!And now for a confession: when I first read your header, I thought you were talking football!*snort*

  7. Becky, that looks like a cute comic (is it a movie now?). And Beth, sometimes I think I'm just WAY too passionate about these particular Vikings! I gotta get them out there! Oh, and not sure what's happening in the next Thor, but I figure he has to come down and see his little astronomer-girl again. I thought the first Thor was quite a clean and fun movie.

  8. Heather, I knew I liked you for some reason! Ha, I'm a Doctor Who fan myself! A David Tennant "tenth doctor" fan to be precise, and I'm am just thrilled that the next Thor movie is featuring the ninth doctor! It's going to be good… And yeah, Vikings are boss. 🙂

  9. Gwendolyn, I'm making my way toward the David Tennant years. I like this 9th Dr., although he has the tendency to grin like an idiot every time destruction is imminent. Hee. And glad you like Vikings–join the club we got goin' over here!

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