17 thoughts on “The Author’s Wait……..

  1. What a great vlog, Heather. I so admire your candidness and your honesty. A writer's wait is truly so hard. It was about six years ago that I went to my very first writing conference and I pitched to an editor at the publishing house of my dreams. Needless to say, both my writing and my pitch weren't ready and it wasn't a success. Fast forward to a few months ago and I was signing a contract with that very same editor and publishing house. It amazed me how God was with me through it all. There was nothing to do then, but devour the craft and refine my writing (over and over and over, LOL). I never expected the results that came from that, but I felt God's hand in it all. I love, love, love that verse and how you are applying it. I am praying for good things for your writing future! I find your genre of Vikings so fascinating and fresh. I think it would be a great addition to the market!

  2. Joanne, that's so sweet and encouraging. (BTW–I would be so HONORED to land your publishing house–it's truly one of the best out there and they put out AWESOME books). Haven't done a conference yet, but I've heard such good things about them.

  3. Heather, they truly are fabulous. It's been such a blessing to work with WaterBrook. Haha, I realized what a loooong comment I wrote above. I tend to get carried away sometimes, LOL. Oh, and I should have said was that I refined my writing before the contract not after. That's what happens when my hands work faster than my brain 😉

  4. I didn't even notice that, Joanne! I got what you were saying! Yes, Sarah, it's just one of those extended periods of time where you wonder how looooong you can hold on! But you just keep holding on, nonetheless.

  5. Heather, than you for your encouraging post. I was just talking with a friend this morning about how God seems to give those nuggets of encouragement to bolster us just when our faith/courage/hope/vision is waning. …and here your post is, perfectly timed! Thanks for sharing your heart. 🙂

  6. Great vlog. The wait is sooooo long for some of us. But it's been a good wait for me. I've learned to cherish Jesus as I wait. And you so right that the results are from the Lord. We who understand that find it easier to wait, I'm sure. It's not some accident. God has it under control. We can rest in that. I've often asked God to make me patient, and I've repeatedly asked him to pry my fingers off my idols, and I'm convinced that being denied a contract has been exactly what I needed. Because God is a good father. He always gives me what is good for me.

  7. Glad the post was timely for you, Amanda! It's great to have other writers to commiserate with! And Sally, I LOVE love your attitude. I wish I had your attitude more than I do! It's hard to accept rejection when you feel God isn't using your one talent/gift to reach anyone else. I suppose I have other talents, but writing is the one thing I've always been pretty sure of! Regardless, the lot is in the lap…..the lot is in the lap…a watched pot never boils…hee.

  8. Hey, tell your hub that I simply ADORE Last of the Mohicans and also watch it several times a year. Wes Studi OWNED that movie!!!! Imagine my shock when I clicked on the talking tour guide handset and Wes Studi was purr…speaking in my ear.

  9. Ahahahahaha!!!!Tell hubs that Magua's French was AWFUL!"Je courchez vous!" sounded like "juh cerch-ey-voo"Tell hubby that Magua scared the freckles off me for YEARS!!!I read an interview of Studi's and he was apparently in a soft cast on his knee during the scene where he and Chingatchgook fought after poor Uncas bought the farm. The poor man tore a ligament during the shoot. I guess that's why the final bits of that scene were all above his knees.I could watch/listen to Magua read the alphabet and count to 10.

  10. Way cool! You DID mention our interview. Rock on, lady! I loved how you spoke what was on your heart, and didn't seem to be using notes whatsoever. And your tiny hint of a twang is delightful. ;-)I hope to one day meet you in person.

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