Classy Quotes Wednesday–MIKE DURAN–THE TELLING

This is kind of hilarious, since Mike Duran and I are kinda like polar opposites on our views of vulgar language in the CBA, an issue highly debated right now in Christian writing circles (I’d love to get your views of that below!). Here’s Mike’s recent post, in which he does quote me… Yes, I was the one asking about the weaker brother in this issue.

But, as any true brothers and sisters in Christ, we can get along. And let me tell you, Mike can WRITE. I’ve enjoyed following his oft-controversial blog for at least a year now. But I managed to win a copy of his latest speculative fiction novel, THE TELLING.

I will say this much for now:

I liked it so much, I’m doing an entire blogpost on it this Friday.

I would compare him to Frank Peretti.

And there was not one vulgarity in the book (had to throw that in there!).

Today, I’m putting in a particularly awesome quote. More to come on Friday:

“Truth be told, there wasn’t a single one of them who didn’t deserve a lightning bolt from the Almighty. Everything else was straight mercy.”

–THE TELLING, Mike Duran

7 thoughts on “Classy Quotes Wednesday–MIKE DURAN–THE TELLING

  1. That's awesome you won one of his books!His sight challenges me and sometimes ticks me off- so overall he is doing a great job! I haven't read his post on the weaker brother yet, but I will.

  2. I've often thought it's ironic that people who don't believe in God still take his name in vain for emphasis. If he meant nothing, why swear by it unless it's a higher power? Don't know if that makes sense, but those are my thoughts.

  3. I'm looking forward to your post on Friday. I haven't heard of Mike before and so I'm kinda intrigued now… I agree, profanity is so common, I read Christian Fiction to get away from the world.

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