Faith and Family Friday–Another Day, Another Year…

This Friday is the day before my birthday. I keep forgetting how old I’ll actually be…nope, not going to tell you! Grin.

I have some wonderful birthday memories, from my ninth birthday slumber party with friends, to my thirtieth party with family surrounding me. I want to do something really adventurous for my fortieth birthday (nope, it’s not this year!), like parachute out of an airplane or do a zipline. Probably not spelunking (though that would be cool!) since tight spaces weird me out a little!

****How about you? What was your FAVORITE birthday? Most memorable gift? My most memorable gift was a Shiloh shepherd puppy my husband won for me in a LAWSUIT. The client he represented won the puppy, but she’d already bought another one. She let us have hers. That was a surprise, showing up at the rather hostile breeder’s home to pick up my puppy!****

12 thoughts on “Faith and Family Friday–Another Day, Another Year…

  1. A few years ago we were on vacation on my birthday. As it happened, we were in Chattanooga, and four dear blogging friends that I had never met lived within an hour or so. The four of us met for lunch on my birthday and had a wonderful time. Then that evening, my husband and I with our kids went on one of the riverboat dinner cruises in Chattanooga. It was such fun!Most memorable birthday gift might be last year when my husband sent me to Atlanta for ICRS and I got to attend the Christy Award dinner. I thought that was a one-time thing, but I'm going again this year!

  2. Hey, at least he didn't win the puppy in a gunfight at high noon in front of your church? Right? On Sunday. With everyone watching.See, I'm making lemonade…My hubs doesn't do well at surprises. BUT last month, when I turned 49, like, for real. I'm 49…My mom told me she's taking just her and I on a Mediterranean cruise for when I turn 50!!!

  3. Jennifer – I would never have guessed you are 49! Heather – Happy Birthday!!!I had always wanted a surprise party (which is hard to do for someone who's expecting one)! So when I turned 29 I told my husband I really wanted to do something fun – most people celebrate their 30th in a big way, but I wanted to celebrate the last year of my 20's in a big way, instead. I ended up going out of town with three girlfriends for a night and when we came back into town they brought me to my favorite spot – a historic estate used for conferences and events – where my husband had pulled together a surprise birthday party for me in four days! All my favorite people were there and we had a blast. Interestingly, I'm so thankful we made a big deal of my 29th birthday because one year later on my 30th birthday we had 4 week old twin boys at home! šŸ™‚

  4. Heather!Happy birthday to you (breathy off-pitch tone with half-closed eyes), Happy birthday to you (dipping shoulder forward and pouting red lips), Happy birthday, Mrs. Gilbert, (Sigh dramatically and lean into the mic), Happy birthday (pause dramatically and blow a kiss) to you!I'm no Marilyn Monroe but I do know how nice it is to be sung to – my husband wrote a song for me on my 30th birthday called "The Light That Shines in You." He taught the kids harmonies for the chorus and they all brought me in and performed it for me. I cried like a baby:-)

  5. Gabrielle, how thoughtful of your hubby! (And good you got it in a year early!). And thank you, Marilyn/Becky! Grin. Oh, I love it when husbands sing…but writing the song for you and teaching the kids! How memorable!

  6. I just got back from my 50th birthday road trip with my 2 girls, and in honor of all of our special birthday mile markers, we climbed Grouse Mountain in Vancouver…3 km straight up! Yes, I did think I was going to die. Thanks for asking.

  7. Happy late birthday! Hope it was great!This year was great (it was just a few weeks ago). We didn't do anything special. I blogged then my spouse and I took our son on a picnic but it was the first b-day since my dad passed that I had peace and joy.In 2008 he went into the hospital on my b-day and was gone from us a few months later.

  8. Happy birthday! Every year I look forward to being with my family and even though I'm all grown up, my mom still makes my favorite dish. On the flip side, I'm really weird because I get super nervous each year because surprises stress me out. I make my husband vow that he's not throwing a surprise party. I'm "0" fun that way šŸ˜€

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