Book Giveaway Drawing–Signed copy of SUBMERGED by Dani Pettrey!

Hello my lovely readers! It’s about high time I did a blog giveaway! Yes, I have ulterior motives…don’t we all? Grin.

Now, I know lots of you read my blog, since I can see the number of hits per day (albeit with Blogger’s weirdo stats!), but I don’t have lots of “official” followers here, since I recently renamed my blogspot.

Sooo. I’m going out on a platform-building limb and I’m going to reinstate my Google Friend Connect box. I know some of you can’t use Google friend connect, so please sign up via email or RSS feed instead (Google reader, that kind of thing).

Then please leave a comment below, telling me how you’re following!

In return for all your kindliness toward me, I’m entering all commenters (Even if you’re already following! Just say you like my posts or something!) in a drawing for a book I just bought. This book is AWESOME! Here are some details:

The book is Submerged, a romantic suspense novel by Dani Pettrey. To read more about it, check out her blogspot here: And this particular book happens to be a SIGNED COPY!

Dani signed it herself, when I bought it at a pre-release book signing. Dani is charming in person and we talked quite a bit about writing and getting published.

I’m hoping to do a full-on book review someday on this book. I’m about halfway through now, but I honestly haven’t been able to put it down. I love the suspense angle, and the romance doesn’t seem too forced. The family scenarios are spot-on. And it’s set in ALASKA, a place I’d love to visit (ever since I started catching back-episodes of Northern Exposure). It also has divers!

I know lots of you follow me on my FB page, and I LOVE that you do! I’d love if you’d sign up here, too–that way you’ll get updated quickly when I post something.

I wish you could all win, I love this book so much. But I’ll pick one lucky winner, and post it NEXT WEDNESDAY. (By the way, did you know Wednesday comes from “Wodenstag,” a Norse word for Odin’s day?)

Looking forward to your comments!

20 thoughts on “Book Giveaway Drawing–Signed copy of SUBMERGED by Dani Pettrey!

  1. Greetings from your newest Google Friend Connect follower! I'm super excited to get to know you through the blogosphere. I'm a member of ACFW, too, and I write a blend of romantic suspense and women's fic. Thanks for the opportunity to join in (and great idea. I might just have to do the same thing on my blog!)

  2. I already follow you on Twitter, but I just followed your blog. I'm jealous! You got to meet Dani in person. :p I'm not surprised at your impression of her, though. She was a guest on my blog recently and she was lovely to work with, even via email. I hope I win. I can't wait to read her book! 🙂

  3. Weird that I somehow thought I had already started following you on here. Of course, since we're family, I'm disqualified from the drawing. Just glad to officially join 'the following'. (:

  4. I thought I was following, sorry! I have been subscribed by email for a while and now I'm an official follower. 🙂 I enjoy your posts and I love your passion for the Viking era. I'd love to win a copy of Dani's book – I've been hearing a lot about it!

  5. How weird! I thought I was following you, too. You were in my google reader, but I wasn't in your google friend connect. How strange! Anyhow, all is righted now. Thanks for the contest. This book sounds great!

  6. Hi, Heather! Your blog is wonderful. Although it is difficult to choose just one, I have to say that the article with Jeff & Anne Watts touched my heart. Marriageis wonderful and it should be forever. Jeff & Anne shared some profound wisdom in the article.

  7. Hello, my friend! Of course I think you're great whether I win or not. I can't wait to see your book in print, with someone else hosting a "book giveaway" with one of yours… 🙂

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