On Viking Research

Lots of people ask me about how I do research for my Viking novels. I had so much fun guest blogging today over at Redwood’s Medical edge! Please check out this link, which explains how I made one of my Vikings go berserk!

Redwood’s Medical Edge: Research Driving You Berserk?: What’s the line between real life and fictional life and how do you realistically incorporate the two? This is a great post by Heather Gilbe…

8 thoughts on “On Viking Research

  1. Thanks, Sheri! I finished my first book and I'm working on the second. My agent is shopping it around now to publishers! Would appreciate your prayers, so people could read about these Vikings someday!

  2. Hmmm…Stina, you might change your mind when my book comes out someday! (I'm thinking of my Leif Eiriksson in particular). Regardless, here's hoping my book will make you feel more comfy around Vikings! Grin.

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