New Twitter Hashtag–#Christfic

As a total newbie twitter-er, I’ve searched and searched and can’t find a hashtag to link up Christian fiction writers. I’d love to follow those writing posts and book news, so I’m officially starting one! (Tell me if it’s already going! I know there’s a ACFW tag, but I’m not in it yet!). So please join me in posting any CHRISTIAN FICTION blogposts and news with the hashtag #Christfic. Thanks!

9 thoughts on “New Twitter Hashtag–#Christfic

  1. You're awesome! I barely know how to use twitter. For the most part I just fumble around on it. I have no clue what most of it means. You might need to give me a few pointers! Thanks, I'll start using the new symbol though I'm not exactly sure when I am supposed to use them?

  2. Hi TC, just emailed you…basically, it's a way to keep track of all the helpful Christian fiction writing/book tweets/bloglinks in one place. So if you type #Christfic into the search bar on twitter, it'll pull up Christian writing/book tweets and links.

  3. I know, Kimberlee, I'm just figuring twitter out. Hashtags,typically included at the start or end of a tweet, are a way to quickly categorize a specific tweet. For instance, "myWANA" is a tag for writers, so if you type it in the search bar, it will bring up recent mywana writer posts. For more links to mywana, here's the link: This would be a tag specifically for Christian writers/readers to use, so if you type it in the twitter search box, it'll bring up tweets you can use, like links to Christian blogposts, etc. Or just Christian fiction news. Hope this helps!

  4. interesting, Heather. I'll try to remember that. I'm so bad at keeping my tweets short enough that it's hard for me to add on a bunch of hashtags to it. But I'll certainly try! Sounds fun. I usually tweet directly from my kindle when I finish a book, in order to help promote the author. Otherwise Twitter would eat my whole day! lol

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