Who’s Bad?

Just a quick Friday question:

In all your fiction reading, classic or modern, who’s the baddest of the bad villains you’ve ever come across? Or even the worst main character that you loved to hate?

Both of these two were pretty bad! But we still loved reading about them…

Or for a modern bad girl, how about Hilly Holbrook, from The Help?

And let’s not forget the strange, yet sad Gollum. Sometimes you’re screaming “Don’t trust him!” and sometimes you’re feeling sorry for him.

Sometimes these baddies redeem themselves and change, sometimes they don’t. But the best-written baddies have one thing in common–they’re multi-faceted.

****SO who’s your baddest of the BAD? Does he/she change throughout the story?****

8 thoughts on “Who’s Bad?

  1. I hate to admit that I haven't read much of HP books (up to the 3rd book, maybe?). But I think they picked a good actor for Snape in the movie version–you were never sure if he was good or bad. Good example!

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