Hi, my friends and followers! You’ve found me at this new blog! I’m so thrilled that my first post can be an upbeat one (not one of my I’m so discouraged, am I really supposed to write posts!).

News of the day! I have a new agent, and he’s fantastic! Andy Scheer, of Hartline Literary (link on the right). He told me something that has stuck with me during this editing/proposing/synopsing/blogging process:

That which we achieve too easily, we esteem too lightly.

I needed to hear this advice, since it was always a piece of cake for me to win contests, land writing jobs, etc. I’ve discovered that in today’s publishing arena, you have to learn to accept critiques, try to build a social platform, write and polish and revise, but mostly, you have to PERSIST, if you’re sure it’s what you’re supposed to do.

I started my Book in a Month Mom blog to get my first novel out there and start up an online presence. But I also started it to encourage busy people, longing to write, that they could finish that book if they tried! Little did I realize how many wonderful fellow bloggers and writers I’d meet in the process.

And now here we are! I’m so excited about what the future has in store for God’s Daughter. I’m so excited to have an agent who exceeds all my expectations (and puts up with a slightly OCD writer…). But mostly, I’m so excited that you’re all behind me! You readers are such a blessing to me!

Enjoy the blog! Not sure if the title is nailed down, but tell me what you think!


18 thoughts on “NEW AGENT!

  1. Hi Heather!I like the look of your blog and yes, I think it's LOVELY…;-)Congrats on the new agent…I'm not there yet with my writing but I have grown so much over this past year and yes, isn't it lovely to have so many new writer/blogger friends to travel this journey with us?I added myself to your email list…and just one bit of advice…you may want to turn off the "robot searcher" word verification…most people appear to hate having to jump through that extra hoop and may not comment or want to "follow" your blog…just a thought…Take care, Donna

  2. Love the new look! Looking forward to following your journey towards publication. PS: I STILL am so curious to know how Otherworld ends! So please let us know one day! 🙂

  3. Congrats on the new agent! Love that advice, too. It's encouraging to know that all the hard work and even the low points will mean that much more when we achieve our dream!

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