Lovely Blog Award

Thank you very much, Donna Martin, at On the Write Track blog,, for giving me a lovely blog award! So now, I need to tell you seven things about myself and pass this award on to three other peeps with lovely blogs. But before I do, I need to thank my brother for redesigning my blog by adding tabs…you “lovelied” it up considerably. And now, let me think of seven shocking or wonderful things about myself..

1) I thought I wanted to be a vet, until I passed out observing a spaying surgery.

2) I also wanted to be a cop, and enjoyed Criminal Justice camp. Although I love guns, my aim stinks. And so I play Halo, Black Ops and Tomb Raider–I can waste all the ammunition I want that way.

3) I was a nerd in high school because I loved Doctor Who. Now, I see tons of bloggers who love him too.

4) Jeremiah is probably my favorite prophet in the Bible.

5) I was a vegetarian in college.

6) Sometimes I think I could live on bread, cheese, and strawberries.

7) All my life, I’ve wanted an indoor, underground pool.

And NOW, I shall pass this award on to other lovelies:

Faith Hough:
Tracy Jo:
Catherine Denton:

Please copy the badge on the right-hand of my site and post it on your own blog, tell us seven things about YOU, and then pass the award on to three other deserving bloggers. Oh, and refer back to my blog, if you don’t mind! And have fun hopping to these beautiful blogs! Thanks, Donna!

11 thoughts on “Lovely Blog Award

  1. How interesting, Heather…I wanted to be a vet when I was growing up as well, but changed my mind when my mother made me do the Heimlich (?) on my dog when she started chocking on a bone. I also watched Doctor Who some growing up…I wonder what else we have in common? ;0)Now it's off to check out those over "lovely" bloggers…

  2. Thanks so much for your comment on my blog, and now I'm following you too! You crack me up – I never wanted to be a cop, but I did want to be a lawyer. Or maybe a detective. Along with a writer, a child psychologist, and a teacher. Writing was the only dream that stuck with me through the years. 🙂 Who doesn't want an indoor/underground pool? LOL And…it's funny that you could live off bread, cheese and strawberries, because of those, strawberries are pretty much all I eat. 🙂

  3. Hi Heather!Thanks so much for visiting my blog and commenting 😀 I'm following you now! Your blog is quite lovely. Congrats on the award!I worked for veterinarians for about four years. The only reason I didn't go on to vet school is the owners. I can deal with animals and surgeries all day but some of the owners…sheesh!And PS: I could totally live on cheese and bread! I'm a confirmed Hobbit at heart!Nice to meet you!Jen

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