In High Spirits–My NaNo start…

Hi all, just wanted to refer you on over to the blogspot:

Dianne Salerni posted the first maybe 250 words of the YA novel I started for NaNo in November.  People seem to like it!  It’s got the whole Mothman-creepy vibe going on. 

Please check out her awesome blog and comment on my writing…for those of you who liked Otherworld, you would like this novel (if I EVER finish it!  I need to know it’s worth my time! So tell me if you like it!).


8 thoughts on “In High Spirits–My NaNo start…

  1. Just stopped by to follow your blog, and reply to your comment on mine. Loved your Mothman story! What an opening. I hope you keep at it, share it with your crit group, and get it to the stores. I'd read it.

  2. This has nothing to do with the Mothman. I simply want to state that I really like the tree picture at the top of your blog. Alone, it reminds me of the beauty of cold, wet, winter days. In context, though–the context provided by your quote–it is disturbing. Perhaps the horror has something to with the contrast between the day itself and the warm, beautiful life about to be destroyed.

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