A Writer Gives Thanks

Tis the season for Thanksgiving–though the Christmas music is already playing in Wal-Mart! Let’s not skip over giving thanks as we get closer to the end of another year.

As a writer who’s experienced my fifth tumultuous year on the road to publication, I’m going to stop and give thanks.

1) I’d like to thank every writing blogspot I’ve frequented, for putting up with my sporadic comments that sometimes come from a sad and dejected place. I like to debate things, so sorry if I tend to stir the pot a little too much. It’s all the angst from waiting to hear from agents. I’m actually normal!

2) I’m thankful that I don’t have to worry about agent rejections on God’s Daughter, because I’ve already packed up and moved on to my next book. No more revising queries, proposals or synopses for now. It’s actually quite liberating. Not that I’ve given up on it forever–I surely haven’t!

3) I’m thankful that I can write in completely different genres and feel quite cozy in each. Except Amish fiction. I’m not going there. Yet.

4) I’m also thankful for a husband who supports ME, and not just my books. Though he might like those too, if I ever gave him a chance to read them, or if he had time to read them in the first place. When the first one gets published, he’s first in line for a signed copy.

5) You knew I was coming to this one, because I’m so grateful for all of you! Fellow writers, friends, followers…you uplift me. Writers feel all crumb-bummety if they can’t reach anyone with their writing. It’s nice to know there will be some people in line behind my hubby for that first book!

So happy Thanksgiving, all! Enjoy the turkey or the parade or the sauerkraut (wait, you don’t have sauerkraut?). And let’s be thankful for both good and bad things, though I know it’s easier said than done–I’ve been trying to do it all year. But I’m figuring out that the bad things push us to places where we can reach more people and accomplish greater things.


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