I can’t really think of any other words for this post. I’m giddy with excitement, like I’m in love for the first time. Why? I can’t stop writing! I’ve got the seed of a new novel in my head, and ideas are pouring out nonstop.

Is this the initial infatuation phase? You’d better believe it! I was recently infatuated with an idea for a YA novel for NaNo. I started it, felt good about it until day five, then shelved it for now. Because a bigger and better idea came to me, something that would reach more people and stay more in line with my audience.

For those of you who loved Aurora’s sassy-girl ways in Otherworld, my new main character also has a little spice with her sugar.

I’m writing in past tense (new to me!), but still first-person. I’m trying to integrate all the dialogue techniques I’ve learned along this ever-arduous journey.

Let me state for the record, that though I love God’s Daughter, I’m having so much fun getting out of the Old Norse mindset, back into the twenty-first century, with all its Jimmy Choos and mohair throws.

Oh, and did I mention that this novel starts off in Manhattan? Yes, like every popular romantic film you’ve ever seen! Cliche? Maybe! But it’s going to work because I did actually live there for awhile. I didn’t love it, like my MC, but that makes no difference. She’s not me!

Just wanted to give a thoroughly upbeat and boom-a-licious update on my writing journey. I would NOT be doing this, if it weren’t for the uplifting words offered by my husband, my friends and other writing peeps out there! God bless you, every one!


4 thoughts on “Shaka-POW!

  1. Your enthusiasm is inspiring and hopefully catching. The past few days have been so busy for me I have not had a moment to do any writing, which really stinks because I had a great scene in my head…I hope it's still there when life slows down enough for me to write it.Keep us posted and have fun!

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