E-Books vs "Real" Books

You know you’re getting attached to your book when you hate to leave the world you’ve created to actually live your own life! I’m definitely at that point in my book (just one chapter from being HALF DONE! almost 40,000 words down!), where my characters just take on lives of their own.

I understand how Stephenie Meyer felt when she said “Jacob” was originally just a side character that started to grow and develop. I have a guy who is doing just that in my book.

Still no title yet, though. I knew the title for Otherworld very early in the game. And usually I’m keen on getting my title nailed down. This time, I think it’ll be the end of the story when I see how things fit together. My personal preference is a one-word title, but sometimes one word just doesn’t get it all.

Still debating putting up the intro on my blog for you to read… I know how some of you don’t want to start reading, get hooked, and not get the ending! I’d love to promise that this one will be published, but I think the industry is very difficult to get into right now.

My friend sent me a very interesting link about a girl who made millions, just publishing her own e-book and skipping the traditional route. Just wondering–how many of you would prefer e-books to regular books? I personally want a book in my hands at the end of this! However, I totally understand the ease of picking your books online–you don’t have to trudge to a bookstore, and you can often read excerpts and see if it’s something you’d like.

Let me know your thoughts on ebooks in my comment section! And, until next blog, I’ll be writing!


2 thoughts on “E-Books vs "Real" Books

  1. I've read both e-books and regular but definitely prefer the real thing. I love holding a book in my hand and also being able to pass it on to a fellow reader who I know will enjoy it when I'm done too.

  2. I read both also. I can't imagine real books ever going away, but, Aaron got a Kindle for Christmas and I LOVE reading on it. I haven't put any PDFs on it, so I'm not sure how that will work.I'll buy and read whatever format you publish, Heather, but I'd prefer to have a hard copy, just so I can point to it and say, "I knew Heather way back when she was first getting started in her career … See the personal inscription she wrote to me, her pre-publisher?" 🙂

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