FEEDBACK, please!

Hello my faithful readers! I know things have been a bit boring on the updates here, with no new chapters posted.

I would love some feedback from you. Well, from men in particular, but women will be welcome too. What kinds of things do you love to find in a story? Romance? Murder? Deep philosophy? Wit? Being a woman, I do write from a woman’s perspective. But my main character in my new book is by no means a “girlie girl.”

I am now on chapter eleven, and have some major plot twists mapped out (finally). I am still very excited about this book–I want it to reach men and women, and I know that a lot of men don’t read a lot of fiction.

Thinking of movies that men love, I came up with “Braveheart,” “Gladiator,” “Black Hawk Down,” etc. The themes typically include a loss of life for a bigger cause, like family or the country. I’m encouraged that some men are also interested in relationships, because there are quite a few in my book. But there’s also fighting and murder, etc.

Here’s looking at something for everyone! And please comment and let me know what makes the difference between a “good” book and a “great” book for you!


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