Querying for Dummies

Speaking of dummies, yes, I totally did query my book to some agents, even in its unfinished state. This is because I got a little crazy when I realized there is another book about my heroine coming out soon (I got this from the underground, can’t reveal my sources…). Thankfully, it’s young adult fiction. Mine is definitely adult.

My husband tells me this is a good thing. If this other book is successful, my book will be right on topic (ie: writing vampire books on the heels of Stephenie Meyer). However, I hate being the caboose on this Viking train. In fact, I refuse to be. Thus, my frantic querying, using my first couple of chapters as bait. So far, no bites. This is doubtless because I still believe I am the one person who can NOT follow the rules of the publishing industry and still expect to be rewarded for sheer genius.

Well, the plot is definitely thickening and I would LOVE to share some of this new book with you. However, I’m keeping this one a bit “closer to the chest” since my other baby Otherworld is currently just floating out there in cyberspace, just waiting to be noticed by someone who can snatch it up and present it, in its entirety, to the general public.

I am about 16,400 words into it now. Chapter Nine has begun. So I am rolling, and setting a deadline for myself of getting it written by this summer. At which point, I can query it as a FINISHED, 80,000 word novel. And from there, well, let’s just pray for the best.


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