Trying to write historical fiction is a whole different animal than paranormal fiction, I’m finding. It seems like I’m constantly turning up new info I’m wanting to incorporate into my book. And the key is that I have to turn those facts into the actions I know my characters would do.

My characters are always the most vivid part of my books. Well, characters and location. I’ve been trolling around the internet, googling photos of Norwegian/German/Swedish actors, in hopes of having faces that match up with some of my main characters. I’m a bit shocked and appalled that most men actors tend to be scrawny and there are few, if any, red-haired men. Also, blondes aren’t so popular. What, do they think all women are looking for tall, dark and handsome? And where are bearded men? It’s hard to visualize Vikings when these guys don’t have beards.

So I find myself constantly brainstorming, wondering what my people are going to do next. I think I need to set a goal date for getting this book written, and push myself to get it done. At this stage of my life, however, I’m finding it hard to set fixed goals of any kind.

Speaking of which, better go to sleep since it’s past midnight. I’ll post a photo of a possible “model” for the husband of my main character, just to let you in on the brainstorming process over here…


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