The Vikings are Back in TOWN

Hi there everyone! I am deep in the throes of writing my next book, which I have decided will be the Viking book–historical fiction. I love the paranormal idea of Mothman, but I’m thinking it’s easier to kick my “foot in the door” with historical. (And yes, I’ll have to kick the door in, since I’m an unpublished writer.)

So I’m trying to sort out sagas right now. I have an excellent resource book by a woman who went on archaeological digs in Iceland, and she writes in NONfiction about the woman I’m writing about in FICTION–Gudrid. The book is called “The Far-Traveller”. I’m even hoping she might deign to read my manuscript when I finish, and back the book. I’m trying to keep the book as historical as possible, but it is frustrating, as the sagas don’t really have a timeline that makes sense.

While it may be too much to hope this book will kick off such a Viking frenzy that vampires pale in comparison, I am hoping for it anyway. HA. I’m nothing, if not rabidly optimistic, that since God gave me the desire to write, I will write until something gets published. It is rather shocking sometimes which writers are getting published, sometimes people who cannot spell and have no grammar sense. Good thing there are editors in this world.

Stick with me, folks, and I will produce an 80,000-word book. It will not be in a month! Historical fiction definitely limits you as you can’t just fly by your own imagination. You have to know how things were done. Fortunately, I’ve been a Viking fan for a long time, and I’ve even taught a home-school co-op class on the subject.

Here’s a cool word that originated from the Vikings: “ransack.” Just say that once or twice throughout the day in casual conversation, like: “I’m just going in to ransack the kitchen,” or “Let’s ransack Wal-Mart and find that ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ video.”

Keep the Viking spirit alive!


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