Another Book-Baby

After pouring my life into my last book, I’ve been slow getting “back on the horse” of writing. No one wants to give birth (even to a book) and have their beautiful, seemingly perfect baby rejected by the big publishers and agents. Unfortunately for me, I now have TWO new books swimming blissfully about in my head at any given time.

I have started both of them. One is the one I’ve mentioned in my last post, the modern Mothman tale. The second is historical fiction, and much more along the lines of something traditional Christian publishing houses would want.

So, I’d love your comments as I’m trying to pin down which book I want to focus on. What would YOU rather read, historical fiction or paranormal fiction (much like Otherworld)? I’d love some feedback from you all! I’m starting to get a bit more obsessed with the historical fiction (can anyone say I LOVE VIKINGS?). Please comment on here and give a very confused writer some help!


2 thoughts on “Another Book-Baby

  1. I've always liked historical fiction but hadn't read much of anything remotely paranormal until the portion of your book you posted. I was hooked! You have a great way of bringing any story to life so go with your heart on this one!

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