The little things that strike me….

Does a writer ever really stop writing? I’m always noticing small little things, like the older man’s green suit in church that he probably got about fifty years ago, but he still wears out to look spiffy (and yes, he does). Or the way people in upstate NY stare at me like an alien when I open my mouth in the Tim Horton’s to ask for a mocha coffee–yes, I do have an accent. Yes, I may very well be from The South. And yes, I am wearing flip-flops and summer isn’t officially here yet…But I love the South and the North, let me just clarify that one. I’m a Yankee Rebel, or a Rebel Yankee.

I love the way my children are quiet in the car on eleven-hour trips right up till the very end, when they get excited Grandma and Grandpa’s house is close. They let mommy listen to her purple iPod in silence as she muses on the events of her future characters’ lives.

I like looking at flowers, so much so that my daughter recently asked me why on EARTH I’m always looking at flowers (and no doubt mumbling things like “yes, that’s a type of lavender I’ve never seen” or “Look at that purple beebalm!”). I explained that flowers are beautiful things God has given us to look at and enjoy. Someday I think she may understand.

I love the look of complete trust dogs can give. I love the smell of rain in the air. I love to stop and look at people’s faces when they’re totally unguarded.

I love finding little things I never saw before in the Bible, like when I recently read that Cain TOLD Abel what God had told him about obeying (this was before he killed him). I’m thinking Abel may have suggested that he straighten up and fly right…and he didn’t take it very well (this is in Genesis 4:8). I’ve read Genesis multiple times and never noticed that little phrase.

So let’s keep looking for and enjoying the little things in life. And someday you may just read about an old man in an old green suit in one of my books!


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