Posting Next Chapter Soon??? Hmmm….

Hi there guys, thank you so much for asking about the next chapter. I’m trying to figure out how many to post as I check into publishers, etc. I may post one more or two, but I’m coming to a huge turning point in the book and I don’t want to give it away!

In the meantime, I’ll update you on my journey. Checking into a couple of publishers who will publish me, for a price. A rather hefty price. Not quite the same as self-publishing, at least with one of them, because they would also do publicity. So I’m thinking about that.

Also, I contacted Anne Rice (the vampire author who now writes about Christ–I really liked her first book and need to get the second one), because I thought we may be on the same page as far as mission in life. We actually are not on the same page in our views on ghosts, as it turns out. But we exchanged some e-mails and had a little Biblical debate going on, so I’m thrilled that my book is controversial enough for Anne Rice to even ponder it (I told her where I’m going w/the ghostly part). She couldn’t even read it, given her views, but she was very nice and I’m glad I actually “talked” to a real author about my book!

So I may very well post Chapter 13 soon. Busy week here, but I will let you know if I post it!


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