Latest Thoughts

Just wanted to update any of you who subscribed to the site to support my book. I’m thinking I’m going to take it off the site. It basically seems rigged, in that once you join, you get loads of people supporting your book because it makes their rating go up. Then it drops off, as everyone scurries around to support the next new book. So to rise to the “editor’s desk,” it seems you have to be willing to back/support practically all the books on the site (so those authors will, in turn, back your book), which isn’t very selective. Not to mention, it just goes against my morals. Many of the books have profanities or are just plain old bad writing!

Now I realize what a hard job editors have. Basically, if they want to read past the first chapter of a book, it may have a slight chance. I really think that my book has a chance with publishers and I don’t want to sit around worrying if it’s climbing the ranks on authonomy to garner a few paragraphs from a Harper Collins editor. Think I’m going to look for a shorter way to getting published!

Once again, thank you all for your support and kind words!


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