Update on the Book

Hi, all, just wanted to give you an update on the book. My agent sent it to a couple more publishers, but I’m thinking it might take a miracle to get picked up by one. Not to fear, however. I’m spending most of my waking hours concocting different plans of how to get noticed by all the right people.

One of my efforts was to join authonomy.com, a place for authors to publish the first few (or sometimes, all) of their chapters. As more and more members “back” your book, it rises on the booklist. If it makes it to the top five, editors from Harper Collins will check it out and comment.

You’re welcome to check out my page at this link:


Not sure if it actually works, or if you have to have a member ID to get there. If so, you’re welcome to setup an account. You don’t have to post a book to read them and give feedback. There are MYRIADS of books on this site, some good, some bad, and some ugly, but you can usually tell by the first chapter if something looks good to you.

Enjoy this gorgeous weather!


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