My husband encouraged me to list my “credentials” (such as they are) for writing! Well, I started writing poetry as a teen and won a couple of contests. I majored in Humanities at college, so that included taking a wide variety of writing classes, from News Writing to Short Story writing. Not to mention a lot of English literature classes that I highly enjoyed. I won the Extemporaneous Essay award my senior year in college.

I have written for two newspapers. I think the highlight of those experiences was a series of articles I did called “Of Beds and Breakfasts” about bed & breakfasts in our local town. I also loved interviewing people one-on-one. I find it’s very intimidating to be a member of the press! People realize that if they treat you badly, it might show up in the paper for all to read about!

I’ve started multiple books in my lifetime. This book was one I was strongly motivated to finish. Some of the events are actual ghost stories associated with the house I grew up in, so I think that lends an air of authenticity.

Most of all, I feel driven to write, and I believe I always will. I’m so thankful to get to use my “abilities” to hopefully make people think about bigger issues going on in their lives.

I hope this helps you all understand a bit more where I’m coming from and why I wrote this book!


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