A Great Compliment

I just have to post that one of my friends (whom I will not name!) said the nicest compliment on this book: “It’s like crack! Thanks for the hit!” Though we both do not in any way endorse the use of drugs, I am so happy that you all are getting excited about the chapters I post. You all are so encouraging to me as I go on this journey toward getting published (it takes so much longer than I thought!).

I wrote this book in January of 2009. Now it’s already February 2010 and I’ve gotten about 13 rejections so far! But I will not ever give up on this because I really believe this is an important book, with a very loaded topic. I think if I would have set the book in Amish country, it may have been picked up a lot sooner! But this is just not that kind of book.

John Grisham and even Jan Karon are examples of people who were rejected by numerous publishers. This shows that if you believe what you have to say is important, and if people enjoy reading it, it might eventually make publishers look your way!

So that was just a little update and I will post another chapter before long. Thank you for your compliment, my anonymous friend!

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